Columnists Day- April 18

Journalists', reporters' and columnists' day at the newspaper is celebrated every year on April 18. This day is dedicated to all reporters and columnists in all newspapers and magazines, recognizing their importance and value.
Every day we read columns and newspaper articles and trust the people who do the research for us. It is today to cherish their gratitude.
The National Association of Press Columns, founded in the United States in 1977, initiated this day. The date was chosen in memory of a well-known columnist named Ernie Pyle, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1944.


Ernest Taylor Pyle was born on August 3, 1900 and died on April 18, 1945. He was a well-known American journalist in his columns as a field reporter from 1935, for the Scripps Howard newspaper network, especially during World War II. During the war he wrote about 300 newspapers and was one of the best known American military reporters in Europe. Pyle died during coverage of a battle on Okinawa Island in the Pacific Ocean (Ernie Pyle- Wikipedia).

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