Fanny Dolly Coloring pages

Fanny Dolly is a 6 year old girl who loves to play and do pranks. She has big glasses, and she usually goes with braids. The braids are a bit crooked because her mother is not good at making braids, but it's ok, she practices on Fanny's hair and maybe if she has a little sister she will have neat braids. 
Fanny has an annoying big brother named Ron and he loves to play the guitar. She has a dog named Lolly who is the cutest and funniest in the world and in the garden they have a cat named Toby who constantly enters the house without permission and steals food from the kitchen.
Her best friend is called Nelly Manueli. She is also her neighbor. Sometimes they are upset because of nonsense but overall they are fine.
Here you will find coloring pages of Fanny Dolly and later also game and practice pages on all kinds of topics, so you should follow. To print the page, click on it, then open it on a new page and print.
Fanny Dolly's Pajamas Party                       Fanny Dolly's dolls 
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥
fanny dolly coloring pages for kids
Playing ball
cute coloring pages Fanny dolly
Good morning with hot chocolate
sweet cute coloring pages girls
Cupcake bag
cute coloring pages fanny dolly for girls
Cupcake dress
Fanny Dolly coloring pages kawaii for children
Fanny Dolly and Lolly
Fanny Dolly coloring book
How many sweets of any kind are in the bag?
coloring book sweet cute
Where is the cat?
funny hat cute coloring book girls
My new warming hat
cute couloring pages swing girl Fanny Dolly
On the swing
cute sweet girls coloring pages
Nelly Manueli- fanny's BFF
coloring pages cute girls winter clothes
Winter clothes
cute girls coloring pages
Fanny and Nelly sitting on the fence and talking

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