MUTATIS – Challenge No. 9

Note: You may skip the introduction if you are already familiar with the rules

According to the rules described in the link above, here is your weekly exercises:

Given the following head and tail word couples, fill in the missing words to obtain appropriate Mutatis word-chains according to the rules described above.

Important note:

All the following examples were checked to insure they can be solved in standard American vocabulary and spelling according to the Merriam Webster online dictionary.


1. lady>…> sire.

2. sire>…> lady.  Don't use any of the words that you used in ex. 1!

3. right>…> flank.

4. flank>…> right.  Don't use any of the words that you used in ex. 3!

5. domino>…> effect.

6. effect>…>domino.  Don't use any of the words that you used in ex. 5!



Answer to ex. 1: fall>fell>life>lies>rise.

Answer to ex. 2: rise>fire>fear>leaf>fall.

Answer to ex. 3: plump>plume>mules>rules>roles>sober>obese.

Answer to ex. 4:  obese>lobes>sable>meals>lamps>plums>plump.

Answer to ex. 5: poetic>police>dipole>boiled>bailed>balled>ballad.

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