Fairies coloring pages for young adults

The fairy is a mythological or legendary creature, a product of human imagination from many, many years ago. People believed fairies to be some kind of demoted angels or some kind of demons. The first fairy was Peri, and originated in Iran. According to legends, fairies have great magical power. They have wings and can appear anywhere, just pop out of nowhere. They usually have a wand with which they do their magic. They are mostly good creatures who help those who need it. Fairies are usually described as having a human appearance with magical powers such as the ability to fly, cast spells, influence events and predict the future. In modern folklore fairies are usually depicted as young and small, but in the past they were also depicted as larger angelic figures. In classical folklore fairies are described as chaotic and unpredictable creatures. They can act benevolently or even maliciously. Many stories describe fairies who play cruel tricks on humans (such as kidnapping healthy children and replacing them with sick ones). Fairies are also known as creatures that fear iron and salt. They are born from flowers and live in secret from the world, similar to the whole world of magic, which includes dragons, angels, elves and more.
Here are coloring pages of fairies that are suitable for adults because of their complexity. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. You can also save the coloring page in your computer and print later. Have fun!
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥
cute fairy anime style coloring page
cute fairy coloring book for adults young
fairy pretty and cute stunning anime style
overwhelmed fairy cute and stunning
stunning fairy coloring book
beautiful fairy to color for adults
A cute feminine fairy, coloring page for adults
fairy anime style coloring book
anime fairy girl coloring book for young adults
anime girl fairy cute coloring page
Cute fairy flying coloring page
Fairy portrait coloring page
Fairy flying wand coloring page anime style
Cute childish fairy coloring book
cute childish fairy coloring book
lovely fairy coloring page
colorig page of a fairy young and beautiful
fairy portrait - anime style beautiful and stunning
Cute pink hair fairy in the forest with butterflies
beautiful blue fairy
A stunning white ink drawing coloring page of whimsical magnificent Fantasy Garden Fairy
Fantasy Garden Fairy coloring page

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