Crayola Crayon Day - March 31

Today is the special day of Crayola Crayon (or oil pastel colors), the colors that come in so many shades, with a special scent of oil that just makes you want to paint!
Crayola Crayon Link
You can make lots of artwork with panda colors. The usual use for them is painting, but you can also make candles out of them, or melt them and create new and colorful shapes in molds, melt them and decorate bottles, jars and bulbs with them. You can even make lipgloss out of them!

Picture: Sun ornaments made from old panda paints and wax paper (link to preparation instructions)  
Panda lip gloss and coconut oil (link to preparation instructions
Candles from remnants of panda colors (Link)
Oil pastel colors were invented in Japan in the 19th century. They were composed of wax, chalk and pigment. After succeeding there they came to Europe, where they were first distributed by the Dutch company Talens, under the Western brand Panda (hence their name).

In the United States, the largest company that distributes panda paints is Criola, which was founded in 1885. Criola produces oil pastel paints as well as chalks, colored pencils, markers and more.
How to celebrate Crayola Crayon Colors Day?
Today is the day to rediscover the colors that shaped our childhood and discover our talent for painting and painting with panda colors.
Enjoy and do beautiful things!

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