World Party Day - April 3

World Party Day is based on the idea that peace is not the opposite of war, but only its absence. The real opposite of war is a party, and World Party Day strives to synchronize the whole world in one celebration of all that is good and optimistic.
World Party Day began to be celebrated around the world on April 3, 1996, with the goal of improving the social conditions in which we live.
The source for World Party Day comes from the book by Vanna Bonta, an Italian-American writer, poet and actress who wrote in her 1995 book "Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel" about a global human celebration to be held on April 3, 2000, and did not believe her idea could really take off. It really came true and people on this day celebrate in all sorts of ways.

"Pass the food and turn up the music," is the motto of this day. But it doesn’t really matter how much and how you celebrate, whether you are celebrating alone or in company. The premise is that everyone in the world joins in, so you can really do anything you want as long as it involves celebrating the joy of existence.

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