Body Piercing Day- 28 June

Body change is done all over the world for many purposes, from self-expression, as part of the rituals of transition, to the purpose of shock and even the commandments of religion. In the Western world culture of body change is common in all kinds of popular ways as a means of expression and self-adornment. One of these ways is piercing.

The history of piercing is unclear and there is a lot of misleading information on the matter, but there are significant findings proving that piercing has been done by men and women already in prehistory.

Ear ulcers have been accepted in Western cultures for at least a few hundred years, but evidence has been found that 5,000 years ago people were piercing people's ears. It turns out that it was a way to send wealth together with the dead to their next life and honor them in their burial.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Tongue and tongue piercing have been found all over the world, and there are records of this especially in the cultures of tribes in Africa and South America. In ancient Rome there were earrings made in nipple and genital piercing in ancient India.

Body piercing Day was originally dedicated to Jim Ward, the man who is considered the "grandfather of the piercing movement" in the modern era. Jim Ward was a very influential part of the new body change movement, with a specific emphasis on piercing. He was part of the driving force for piercing in the Western world and helped develop the basic piercing techniques, with particular emphasis on genital piercing.

Jim Ward was born on June 28, 1941 in Oklahoma, USA, and in 1967 he joined a motorcycle club, a homosexual S & M group, and tried nipple piercing, during which time he also studied jewelry, Where he joined the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Club and made further experiments with piercing, especially in the genitals, and in 1973 he moved to West Hollywood where he met Doug Malloy, and together they developed the basic techniques and equipment that became standard in the piercing industry.

Body piercing Day is a great opportunity for you to finally make the move, and do the piercing you've always dreamed of. There are so many options, almost anywhere in the body: piercing the ear, piercing the nose, lips, cheek, back, teeth, this is the way to show your individuality. There are also hidden places where piercing can be done, such as nipple, tongue, navel, penis and more. It is important to do the piercing by a professional person in a clean place that uses sterile tools.

Happy Body piercing day!

June 28 is also National Tapioca Day

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