World Industrial Design Day - June 29

World Industrial Design Day is an international day dedicated to honoring the establishment of the World Design Organization (WDO) on June 29, 1957.
Think of all the objects, furniture and appliances you once used and saw with your grandparents or your parents, how far they have come from the cumbersome, heavy and uncomfortable design of the past to the present day!

The industrial designers are responsible for the development of all the objects we use for our enjoyment today.
Industrial design deals with the creation and development of products. The design process contains stages of research, conceptual thinking, conceptual innovation, formal and morphological characterization, development and planning, control of the production processes, marketing, sales and use of the product.
The field of industrial design is evolving over time and the aesthetics and usability of the products are constantly being improved.

The history of industrial design began during the Industrial Revolution, in the mid-19th century. Before industrial design there was a tradition of applied art characterized by the creation of objects in local workshops, at a slow pace of change and innovation and in small series. The Industrial Revolution opened up the possibility of inventing and manufacturing new machines and objects.
In the twentieth century, industrial designers began to design new products that became the characteristics of the modern era - the airplane, the ship, the train, the car, the scooter, the television, the telephone, the housewares, the furniture, the lighting and the street furniture - all of these and many more.
Among the industrial design styles there are the old styles from the 19th century like Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the styles that developed later like Streamline, Minimalism, Modernism and Postmodernism.

An antique bench in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, designed in the 19th century
A 1927 train locomotive in Metcalfe Park in Kingman, Arizona

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