Air Conditioning Appreciation Days- July 3- August 15

The invention of air conditioning is one of the best inventions in the world, which we all thank and cherish endlessly. The invention of the air conditioner did not just lead to improved comfort during the hot summer months - it turned places that could not be lived in places that could, kept the elderly and sick in their beds, improved air quality indoors for people with extreme allergies, allows better working conditions. It has led to the fact that around the world, new possibilities have opened up in production, and so much more.

The inventor of the air conditioner is Willis Haviland Carrier. Carrier was born in 1876 in Angola, New York, USA and died in 1950.
When he was 26, after graduating as a mechanical engineer, he was called by the owners of the  Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Company of Brooklyn, New York, to find a solution to the heat and humidity that prevailed in the summer at the printing house and caused damage and loss; The rolls of paper were swollen and hard and the ink was not absorbed in them.

Carrier investigated the matter and decided to do the opposite of the heating operation in winter: if in winter to heat the air it is flowed through coils into which steam is compressed, then to cool the air one has to flow cold water through the coils. The invention was more successful than expected - the water in the coils condensed and accumulated as small droplets on the coils and the temperature dropped.
On July 17, 1902, the world's first air-conditioning system was activated in Buffalo, New York. This was the birth of air conditioning because of the addition of humidity control, which led to the recognition by the authorities in the field that air conditioning must perform four basic functions: temperature control, humidity control, air flow control and ventilation and air cleaning.

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