Workaholics Day- July 5th

July 5 is Workaholics Day, people who spend all their time at work and tend to ignore other occupations in life.
Workaholism is work compulsively, work that a person may enjoy but also feel an uncontrollable and excessive urge to do.

Work Addicts Day is an informal holiday designed to raise awareness that if one devotes all one's time to leisure work and other pleasant pursuits in life, it can be detrimental to mental and physical health.
Workaholics Day is designed to encourage addicts to make lifestyle changes, and to give time and space to other aspects as well as social life, hobbies, family and other occupations.

How to celebrate Workaholics Day?
If you have an acquaintance who is addicted to work, ask him to take a day off or leave work early, and take them out for a fun pastime like a walk in the park, a cafe or a meeting with friends.
Arrange a good meal for them and tell them about the problems caused by too much work like stress.
If you are addicted to work yourself, take advantage of the day to reevaluate your life and take some time for yourself.

July 5 is also Bikini Day

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