Bathtub day - October 7

In such a demanding world that takes most of your time from you, it is good to know that there is one day a year when you can claim your right to a relaxing quality time with yourself. Bathtub day is more than just an excuse to spend in a luxurious bath - this is the day to remember and appreciate the invention of the modern bathtub that has made our lives much more comfortable.

An old copper bathtub

Although archaeological finds have found that plumbing systems for bathing existed as early as around 3300 BC, the earliest bath found was in Crete, in 1700 BC.
Some sources claim that the first modern bath was invented in 1828, perhaps even October 7, Bath Day, but it turns out that they are based on Pike News, a fictitious story by H. L. Manken who wrote the false history of the bath (Bathtub hoax) and claimed that the use of baths in England began Only in 1828 and in the USA only in 1842.
Modern bathtubs in Western countries can be built-in, sunken or free-standing and many of them are made of acrylic or fiberglass materials, enameled or made of porcelain-coated steel. The traditional Japanese bath is usually made of wood. Today there are bathtubs in different designs and styles, and there is also a return to the retro style, of bathtubs as of old that stand on four legs.

How to celebrate Bath Day?
The bath day should be celebrated by the bath of course. Replace your regular shower with a bath and take care of the appropriate classic atmosphere, of solitude and serenity:
Fill the tub with bubble foam, essential oils, bath salts or bath bombs.
Light some candles.
Drink a glass of wine.
Turn off the lights
Listen to music
Just make sure you stay awake!

Bath with bath bombs  (link)

October 7 is also The Barcode's Birthday

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