Cinderella coloring pages

Cinderella is the most popular fairy tale in the world. He tells of Cinderella, a beautiful girl whose mother died and her father married another, wicked woman, who has two wicked daughters. The stepmother and her daughters are working Cinderella hard. When the prince comes to town, they hear about it and plan to go to the prom. Cinderella wants too, but of course she can't. On the eve of the prom, the good fairy hears Cinderella's crying and comes to her aid. She dresses her nicely and wears her delicate glass shoes. Outside, a carriage is waiting for her to pick her up for prom. Cinderella receives one condition from the fairy: return before midnight, otherwise all the magic of the fairy will disappear. Cinderella comes to prom and the prince is taken aback by her beauty. He dances with her all evening and ignores all others, even Cinderella's evil sisters of course. Suddenly she noticed that Cinderella was a minute past midnight. She rushes outside the palace and her glass shoe falls off her leg. The prince chases Cinderella and fails to get her, but he manages to take the shoe. The next day the prince goes on a tour of the kingdom to look for her girl who fits the fallen shoe. After passing through all the cities of the kingdom, he arrives at Cinderella's house. Cinderella's step-sisters try to force their feet into the shoe but without success. The prince notices that there is someone else in the house, Cinderella, and asks that she measure the shoe too. Cinderella's sisters and stepmother strongly oppose, but he insists. Cinderella measures the shoe and it fits perfectly. The prince in love takes Cinderella to his palace and they marry in an impressive and majestic ceremony.

Choose the coloring page of Cinderella you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

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Sinderella coloring pageCinderella coloring pageSinderella coloring page
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Cinderella coloring page for girlsCinderela coloring pageCinderela coloring page for kids
Cinderela coloring pageCinderela coloring pageCinderela coloring page
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Cinderella coloring pageCinderella coloring pageCinderella and prince charming coloring page

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