Coloring pages of pumpkins

Coloring pages for pumpkins​. Pumpkin is an orange vegetable or fruit that is very popular in cooking, but also symbolizes the coming of autumn in many countries. Pumpkin is also used to sculpt a smiling face with teeth whith a candle (Jack-o-Lantern) is inserted on Christian Halloween, and as decoration in many places on autumn holidays, in homes, In stores and markets.
The source of the Jack-o'-lantern in various folklore are legends about a cunning farmer named Jack:
According to Irish myth, a peasant named Jack the Stingy lived in Ireland and decided to invite the devil for a drink. Properly known as Jack did not want to pay for the drink and persuaded the devil to become a coin with which he could pay, but as soon as the devil became a coin Jack decided to put it in his pocket along with a silver cross that prevented the devil from returning to its original form. After negotiations, Jack decided to release the devil on two conditions - that the devil would not bother him for a year and that in case Jack died the devil would not be able to take him to hell. After a year Jack tricked the devil again and persuaded him to climb a tree to pick fruit from the top. Once the devil was at the top of the tree Jack engraved on the trunk a cross that prevented the devil from coming down. Jack agreed to release the devil on the condition that he would not harass him again for the next ten years and so it was until Jack died shortly thereafter. Legend has it that God did not allow Jack to enter heaven because of his evil deeds, and Satan, who remained faithful to his promise, did not put him into hell but sent him into the dark night with only a lighted candle. Jack inserted the candle into a turnip he had carved to help him find a resting place for his soul.
In Ireland and Scotland people started creating their own versions of Jack by carving scary faces on lures and potatoes and placing them on windows to flee Jack's ghost and other evil spirits. Immigrants from these countries brought the carving tradition with them to America, where they discovered that the pumpkin is very successful for the traditional Jack-O-Lantern carving.
In addition, Jack-O-Lantern often creates various and strange films, from which the pumpkins-to-the-dead are also created, with their heads like a pumpkin with a scary face.
 Below you will find pumpkins coloring pages which you can paint for your enjoyment. Choose the coloring page of pumpkin you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

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