Giraffe coloring pages

Free printable coloring pages of Giraffes, The giraffe is the highest terrestrial animal in the world. There are four types of giraffes that live in Africa and unfortunately they are endangered. June 21 is the longest day of the year and is also World Giraffe Day.

Conservation and protection of wildlife has long been on our agenda - beautiful creatures like giraffes are at risk in their natural environment due to a number of factors, such as poaching and destruction of their ecosystems and habitats.

World Giraffe Day was founded by the GCF - Giraffe Conservation Foundation to raise awareness of the plight of the amazing animal at risk. So here are some coloring pages of giraffes to enjoy this day.

According to the GCF, only about 100,000 giraffes remain in the wild, meaning they are approaching a high-risk state.

Giraffes have four species: the Masai giraffe that lives in Kenya and Tanzania. The Northern giraffe lives in northern and central sub-Saharan Africa, the Southern giraffe lives in southern Africa and the Reticulated giraffe lives in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

In the IUCN Red List, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, giraffes have recently moved to the list of 'vulnerable to extinction' - their numbers in Africa have plummeted, by 40% in just the last three decades alone. Unfortunately, giraffes are officially extinct in more than seven countries in Africa, and this underscores the need to protect them. Most often, these declines in population are due to the increase in human settlements and as a result the loss of the habitats of the giraffes.

The Masai giraffe has lost half its number in the last thirty years, and now only about 32,000 giraffes remain in Tanzania and southern Kenya.

GCF now has dozens of partners all over the world, committed to helping preserve this noble beast. Parks in Western countries regularly organize activities and games to celebrate the day, including giraffe-style interior painting. Many zoos also provide visitors with the opportunity to meet the expert giraffe keepers and learn more about their lives, both in captivity and in the wild.

There is a desperate need for an event like World Giraffe Day. These creatures, like elephants, lions and hippos, are an inspiration to children all over the world and a leading factor in conservation efforts. It is almost impossible to imagine Africa without these giant animals roaming the savannah.

Choose the coloring page of the giraffe you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

Cute giraffe drawingGiraffe drawingGiraffe's face in the cloud coloring page
Giraffe eats leaves coloring sheetGiraffe drawingGiraffe drawing
Giraffe coloring pageGiraffe coloring pageGiraffe coloring page
Giraffe coloring pageGiraffe  coloring pageGiraffe coloring page
Giraffe coloring pageGiraffe coloring pageGiraffes with heart balloons coloring page
Giraffe with balloons coloring pageGiraffe coloring pageGiraffe heart coloring page
Giraffe coloring pageGiraffe coloring pageGiraffe coloring page

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