Electronic Greetings Day - November 29

Electronic Greetings Day is held every year, on November 29th.
This day encourages us to send an electronic greeting, and at the same time, reminds us how many things have changed.

The convenience and speed of electronic greeting delivery allows us more than ever to participate in this thoughtful process. We all enjoy it when someone remembers our birthdays, anniversaries and other important life events and enjoys receiving greeting cards. It is fun to get greeting cards, but to save the trees and the earth, when using electronic greeting cards it is much more economical but also equally significant.
Since the advent of electronic greeting, social media and other messaging systems have been expanding our communication methods. We can send a birthday greeting through the social network or in a messaging system. If a friend is sick, we show that we care simply by pressing a button and sending funny videos. When we miss someone, nowadays we are never very far away. We can send them a video message. The technology of electronic pools is constantly evolving.
The e-greeting came not long after the advent of e-mail in 1993. American computer scientist Judith Donat founded the first e-greeting card site in 1994 at MIT Media Lab. It was called The Electric Postcard and operated from 1994 to 1996.

How to celebrate Electronic Greetings Day?
No matter what your friends are celebrating today, you will find a theme to send them an electronic greeting. By email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or whatever you choose, today is the day to pay attention using a beautiful electronic greeting, and the possibilities on the internet are endless!

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