Fountain Pen Day - The first Friday in November

 A fountain pen is a fancy and elegant pen, which always gives the feeling that the writer in it is a respectable person. The fountain pen is a pen with a nail and a container of ink. The ink comes from an ink tank and from there to the nail of the pen when the writing operation is performed on it.

There are very expensive fountain pens used by well-known people to sign important documents. There are also professionals who prefer to make a good impression when signing contracts and therefore use luxury fountain pens. There are also cheaper pens that are used for everyday needs.

Collecting fountain pens is a prestigious hobby, and there are fountain pens that come out in limited editions. The price of a pen due to a special edition may reach tens of thousands of Dollars.

The history of Fountain Pen Day

Going back to the beginning of the history of writing, these days humans would use chisels to mark on stone, ink on papyrus to mark shapes and pieces of charcoal to mark words on shells and leaves.

The ink was eventually invented, using various types of plant material, animals, and eventually iron and acetic acid. The ink was required for a new tool, and this tool was initially a goose feather with a carefully cut nail that was dipped in ink to pick it up and transfer it to paper.

It was such an amazing innovation that it stayed for a long time, but in the end a new piece was needed that did not require constant dipping, and constant cutting of the nail.

Then in 1636 a German inventor named Daniel Schwenter developed a new pen made of two pens. One pen served as an ink reservoir inside the other pen. The ink is sealed inside the pen with a stopper. The ink is pressed through a small hole to the writing point. It was a milestone that contributed to the invention of the fountain pen.

In 1809 Frederick Fölsch registered a patent in England for a pen with an ink reservoir. This happened in the wake of the Industrial Revolution in England which resulted in more people being able to read and write.

It is common to mark the year 1884 as the year in which the fountain pen was invented. Lewis Edson Waterman this year filed an effective patent for a non-liquid ink supply device. Waterman was an insurance agent who is said to have lost a large life insurance deal due to a leak of an ink pen on the policy. Waterman was motivated to develop a new non-liquid pen and founded the luxury pen company Waterman, which to this day is one of the leading pen companies in the world. Over the years it has become clear that the story of the insurance deal that was missed is an urban legend invented by the company’s public relations people, and apparently the invention of the resulting pen belonged to another person, it is not known who.

The fountain pen is the writing tool chosen for those who prefer a traditional, elegant and beautiful writing method. It has the advantage that it produces a cleaner and more consistent line than a few others.

The Fountain Pen Day honors this writing tool with this long and glorious history.

How to celebrate Fountain Pen Day?

One of the nicest ways to celebrate Fountain Pen Day is to buy yourself your own fountain pen. The price range of fountain pens can range from ten to tens of thousands Dollars. Once you start writing with a fountain pen instead of your simple pen, you will find how much more pleasant it is to look at your handwriting. You may want to start collecting well-designed and impressive fountain pens. This can be an exciting new addiction because through the pens you will learn a lot about the history of the world. What pens were used to sign the U.S. Declaration of Independence? And with what will the new President of the United States sign his documents?

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