Octonauts coloring Pages

Coloring pages of Octonauts. The Octonauts is a British animated television series for children based on the children's books written by Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy. The series follows an underwater research team made up of eight adventurous animals, who live in an underwater base called the Octopod, from which they embark on underwater adventures with the help of a fleet of marine vehicles. The team encounters exotic creatures based on real marine animals in their natural habitat. The main characters of the team are: Captain Barnacles, the brave polar bear who knows how to drive any vehicle and is strong enough to pick up a giant oyster, Kwazii the cat who has a mysterious pirate past and believes in sea monsters, Peso the penguin who is the Octonauts' medic. Prof. Inkling the octopus in charge of studies, Dr. Shellington the Sea Otter, a biologist who assists Octonauts in missions. Tweak the engineer rabbit, the bitch Dashi, the photographer of the octonauts, who also takes care of all the computers on Octopod board and Tunip the chef which is half a tuna, half a turnip and she likes to make seaweed cakes and work in a greenhouse. Apart from them there are lots of other characters that you can meet in the series. 

Here are the coloring pages of the Octonauts. Choose the drawing of Octonauts that you want to paint, print and color for your enjoyment. If it failed or you want to paint differently and use other colors, no problem, you can go back and print again. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

Dashi the photographer- Octonauts coloring pageOctonauts coloring pageOctonauts cake toppers
The Octonauts meet Dunkie coloring pageKwazii In Gup-b - Octonauts coloring pageTweak represent the Gup-G - Octonauts coloring page
Octonauts Gup E coloring pageOctonaut coloring pageShellington Octonaut coloring page
Octonauts coloring pageTunip Octonauts coloring pageOctonauts coloring page
Octonauts boxing coloring pageI'm good- Octonauts coloring pagesOctonauts coloring page
Octonauts submarine coloring sheetOctonauts coloring pageOctonauts coloring page
Octonaut coloring pageOctonauts Logo coloring pageParty Decorations Octonauts

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