Simon the rabbit coloring Pages

Coloring pages of Simon. Simon the Rabbit is a French animated series for preschool kids. 

Simon is a boy who looks like a rabbit. He lives with his parents Andre, Eva, Gaspard and a pet cat named Milou. He has friends with whom he deals with everyday situations in the world, which sometimes include fears and difficulties. He solves the problems he encounters with imagination and resourcefulness. Simon is both creative and stubborn. If he loses, he realizes that is how he learns from mistakes. He likes to dress up and become a superhero - a super bunny.
Here are the coloring pages of the Simon the rabbit. Choose the drawing of Simon that you want to paint, print and color for your enjoyment. If it failed or you want to paint differently and use other colors, no problem, you can go back and print again.
To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

Simon coloring pageSimon Super rabbit coloring pageSimon and Milou the cat coloring page
Simon coloring pageSimon eats ice cream coloring pageSimon and his dad coloring page
Simon, Gaspard and mom coloring pageSimon makes funny face coloring pageSimon drawing coloring page
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Simon and friends coloring pageSimon making cake coloring pageSimon and his family coloring page
Simon and Gaspard ski coloring pageSimon coloring pageSimon coloring page
Lou coloring pageSimon and friends coloring pageMilou and Elvis coloring pages
Connect the dots by numbers- MilouSimon counting coloring page

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