Bloody Mary day- January 1

Bloody Mary Day is celebrated for the Bloody Mary drink, a cocktail made of vodka, tomato juice and other spices.

It is commonly believed that the drink was named after Queen Mary of England, Mary Bloody Mary, because during her rule she brutally executed hundreds of Protestant Christians in order to bring the English back to Catholic Christianity after her father, Henry VIII, (And executed hundreds of English Catholics in horrific ways).

In the picture: A 1910 painting of Mary I entered London in 1553, with her sister Elizabeth behind her. The painter: John Biam Shaw.

There are those who believe that the drink is named after Mary Pickford, who appeared in silent films during the period when the cinema was only a motion picture.

In the photo: Mary Pickford

The reason for choosing January 1 as the Bloody Mary day is probably because it is described as the perfect remedy against the hangover (although it contains alcohol), and many people suffer from hangover the day after New Year's Eve.

The Bloody Mary is served with a slice of lemon or stirring made of plastic or a carrot / celery stick.  

French brewer Fernand Petiot claimed he invented the drink in 1921 when he worked in New York in a pub called Harry's Bar, frequented by writer Ernst Hemingway and other American expatriates at the time.  

The veterinarian who became a writer, James Rawlins, claimed that the drink had been invented at Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. In a gossip column in the New York Herald Tribune, it was written on December 2, 1939, that the drink had been invented at the bar of Club 21 in New York, just before 1939, by the actor George Jessel who came to the place regularly and asked for vodka with Tomato juice. Another version says the drink was also invented at Club 21 in New York, in the 1930s, by bartender Henry Zbickiewicz.   

How to celebrate Bloody Mary Day?  

The best and easiest way is to invite some friends to drink Bloody Mary. Even if you have never drunk your drink, this is your chance to try the one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world.

Bloody Mary day

Bloody Mary day

January 1 is also Polar Bear Plunge Day and  Euro Day

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