Kiss A Ginger Day- January 12

Redheads are people with hot orange-red hair, light skin, sometimes freckled and sometimes even blue or green eyes.
Kiss A Ginger Day is a day created in 2009 by Derek Forgie, an actor, activist and stand-up comedian, Redhead of course, who wanted to empower the redheaded children around the world who sometimes suffer from child bullying others. He set this day in response to a day someone invented in November, a day called "Kick a ginger day," inspired by the South Park series.

Fun facts about Gingers:

In the distant past humans believed that redheads are saints because they stole the fire from the gods. Kiss A Ginger Day is a good opportunity to kiss gingers and get some of that fire 😉.

Redheads are rare in our world. Only 1-2% of the population are redheads. Hair color ranging from burgundy red to light copper is a genetic expression of a high concentration of the reddish pigment Phenomelanin and a low concentration of the dark pigment Eumelanin.

The country with the highest percentage of redheads in the world is Scotland. 13% of the population in Scotland are redheads and about 40% of them carry the recessive gene responsible for redheaded hair.

In the Bible it is written of King David that he was "reddish, with beautiful eyes."

Famous redheads: Rupert Grint, English actor (Ron Weasley in "Harry Potter" movies), Donald Trump, former US President, Prince Harry, English royalty, Michael C. Hall, actor Who plays the protagonist of the series "Dexter", Emma Stone, an American actress and more ...

How to celebrate Redhead Weapons Day?
Easy and simple of course. Find someone redheaded and kiss them after getting their permission. Of course there is no legitimacy to bother redheads on this day by offering kisses so offer only to those who know you. You can also send a virtual kiss or an air kiss. If you want to be a little more generous, you can hand out red candy kisses or Hershey kiss chocolate.

January 12 is also Marzipan Day

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