Brutus Day - March 15

Brutus Day is a day celebrated on March 15 every year. This day is also called the "Ides of March", the middle day in March. If you're familiar with the play "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare, you probably know Brutus and the knife that he stabbed Julius Caesar in the back. Anyone who knows the play knows what a knife in the back is. But even in the modern age there are people who are experts in cheating. Brutus Day is meant to remind us that there are still Brutus everywhere and at all times, who quarrel, betray, disappoint and surprise badly.

The history of Brutus Day

On March 15 (The Ides of March), 44 BC,  the assassination of Julius Caesar took place. The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martiis) is a phrase that marks the time of calamity.  In the Roman calendar these two words marked the 15th day of the Roman month of March, on which Julius Caesar was assassinated. This day was in ancient Rome the feast day of the god of war Mars and in which a military parade was held in his honor.

Marcus Junius Brutus, or Brutus for short, is considered the most famous traitor in the world, because of the killing of his dear friend Julius Caesar. He was born in 85 BC in Rome and was a great military and political man during his life. Julius Caesar was a Roman dictator whom the people wanted to get rid of because of his tyranny, and the murder was committed by Brutus and Cassius who were members of the Roman Senate. Brutus, one of the leaders of the conspirators against Caesar, was a man who gained much trust and confidence on the part of Julius Caesar, there are speculations that he was even his illegitimate son.

At the time Julius Caesar was assassinated, there was tremendous opposition on the part of the people to the continuation of his tenure. An oracle told the emperor some time before the assassination: "Beware the ideas of March" to warn him of what was about to happen to him.

"You too, Brutus?" Is a famous phrase associated with this event in William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar." This phrase in Latin, the language of the original play is "Et tu, Brute?" Said by Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator a second after he was assassinated by Brutus and Cassius, and it expresses the astonishment and deep sense of betrayal that Caesar felt in the face of the fact that Brutus was among his murderers.

Brutus Day reminds each of us that we must be aware that there are intrigues, conspiracies and stabs in the back even today as they were in ancient Rome no matter where we are, so we need to be careful. We are aware that it exists mostly in politics, but it is not just there. It can also be in our workplace or school, even among our friends and family. Everywhere there is a Brutus.

How to celebrate Brutus Day?

The way to celebrate Brutus Day is pretty simple. Today is the time to listen to our instincts and identify the people who we should stay away from them and not share anything with them, because there is a suspicion that they are treacherous. Make sure you do not gossip with them, because there is a high chance that it will reach the wrong ears, that you do not reveal to them secrets that might hurt you if others knew them and do not tell them anything at all, because they may use it to their advantage and do not care if it hurt you. It is today to learn the lesson without getting hurt, before it is too late. You can share your thoughts about this day on social media using the hashtag #BrutusDay with the quote "You too, Brutus?"


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