Flatmate’s Day - March 24

Almost every one of us had or was, or has now, at some point in life a flatmate.
Finding good partners for the apartment is a matter of good intuition and also a lot of luck. If you rent an apartment with someone you do not know, you may find out over time that even though when you met them they were very nice, they are actually annoying or petty. But the opposite can also happen - and in time you will find that your partner is amazing.

Good partners can help you take your dog for a walk as your shift at work lengthens. They can help you in a crisis when the ex calls. They can lend you their cell phone when you run out of battery or their computer when you have no internet. They can prepare food for you when you are starving or buy you something that is missing. They can just be good and fun friends.
So if you have a considerate and pleasant roommate, today is the day to say thank you and express appreciation.
Some ideas to express your appreciation on the day of the apartment partners:
Tell them something nice, a nice compliment, just like that in the middle of the day.
Call to ask them if they need anything you can do for them.
Cook a meal for both of you. When preparing food, prepare a double amount that will be enough for them as well.

Clean and tidy the common rooms in the apartment (living room, kitchen and bathroom) and make them a pleasant surprise when they return home.
Decorate the house with beautiful flowers or a new flower pot.
Buy something nice for the house like a toaster, juicer, new microwave. Something that the partner can also enjoy but take with you when you leave.
All of these things are small things that can make a very big difference and show your partner that you care.

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