Global Recycling Day - March 18

Every day we use the earth's natural resources and produce tons of waste that is harmful to it.
At some point, the earth will no longer have its natural substances to give us and on the other hand, it will be so polluted by the waste we throw at it, that the situation may be very bad.

The Global Recycling Foundation initiated the recycling day to raise awareness of the importance of packaging recycling, ie the reuse of the materials we used instead of throwing them in the trash.
It's not that hard for us. All we have to do is keep the packaging of the products we used and instead of throwing in the trash, throw in the appropriate recycling bin. Every settlement has such containers and it is not difficult to find them.
The paper products can be recycled to be used again and reduce the felling of trees that are so important for life on earth. The plastic products can be recycled to stop throwing them in piles on the ground and causing its contamination. The plastic bags are important to recycle so that they do not reach the ground, contaminate it and endanger the lives of the animals by suffocation. Batteries and electronic products are also very important to recycle so that they do not contaminate the ground.
The pollution caused by the non-perishable materials impairs the quality of our soil and permeates our drinking water as well.

If you have not yet become accustomed to packaging recycling, it is very important that you get started. For the sake of the planet and the future of your children, the next generation, adopt the habit of recycling and do not give it up! All you need is to sort and throw in the appropriate containers. The earth will thank you.
In addition to packaging recycling, you can also use the packaging and items you bought and you no longer need for other things.
Examples of materials that can be recycled and turned into lovely things: old tires. Bottles and packaging for use as flower pots, old TVs, egg cartons, old computers, dollhouses made of plastic bottles, popsicle sticks and more.

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