Old Stuff Day - March 2

The origin of Old Stuff Day is unknown, but it is a day celebrated in America every year, on March 2nd. Although everyone there agrees that this day should be celebrated, not everyone agrees on the way it should be celebrated.

Some ways to celebrate the day of old objects:
Pry past and be nostalgic: find old photos, old jewelry and toys, then share the happy memories with friends and family over a cup of coffee or take a photo and upload to Facebook.
Buy Vintage: Visit thrift stores, or antique stores, you can also go to the flea market and look for interesting antique things like gramophone, clothes, housewares, Ciprofloxacin and more.

Make an order: Some people think that this is the day to get rid of old objects. Make order at home and throw away everything you don't need. If you do not have the heart to throw, donate to those who need it.
Learn about the past: This is the day to learn about ancient things. See the History Channel. Read history books, go to a museum with antiques, explore family roots and more. You can find lots of material online or visit the library.
Recycling - Find cool and original ideas for recycling old objects.

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