Kindergarten day - April 21

Kindergarten Day is a day celebrated in the United States with the goal of encouraging and appreciating kindergarten teachers who care for children with dedication.
The date was chosen in memory of Friedrich Ferbel, a German educator who founded the first kindergarten in 1837.
Perbel was orphaned from his mother when he was a small child, and although he grew up without a mother figure and also with a father who was estranged from him (and perhaps precisely because of this), he chose after his studies to focus on early childhood education problems. He was the first to create the concept of "kindergarten" and spread his teachings that said that children deserve a special education appropriate to their age. Probel's thought was that the importance of the child's activity in learning should be recognized. In his first kindergarten, activities included singing, dancing, gardening and self-directed play.

The German government did not approve of liberal reforms and amendments, and saw the establishment of its kindergarten as an act of heresy, so it closed it.
Perbel also invented children's play cubes called "Perbel cubes", cubes in different geometric shapes from which three-dimensional shapes can be assembled.

Kindergarten day 21 April

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