World Day for Safety and Health at Work- April 28

World Safety and Health Day is a day dedicated to promoting awareness and ensuring safe conditions for workers in their workplace.
This day is also set in the United States as a day of remembrance for workers, which commemorates those who died at work and aims to try to make workplaces safer and promote safer working conditions.

Every year, thousands of workers around the world die in work accidents. Thousands of construction workers fall to their deaths every year during the construction of new houses or are killed by heavy objects falling on them, and so on. Thousands of workers are also killed in horrific accidents every year in factories as well. We hardly hear about them in the news, but each of them has a family, children, and relatives who care about them and need them. We hope that the number of injuries at work will decrease as safety awareness increases.

April 28 is also Superhero Day

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