Eat What You Want Day- May 11

It is known that most delicious foods are unhealthy.
Many people spend their time maintaining their diet, constantly thinking and checking what they are allowed and what they are not allowed to eat. As part of maintaining a healthy diet, many people avoid eating things that they like because they are unhealthy.
Eat What You Want day is a day founded by Thomas Roy, an American TV and filmmaker who co-invented with his wife 80 special days in the US. The purpose of this day is clear, on this special day you are allowed to eat whatever you want without taking into account Anyone.

How to celebrate this day? You're probably already guessing. Just eat what you want.
This is not saying that you are allowed to devour like pigs junk food, cakes and ice creams and then again cake and ice cream and chocolate. Because it's really unhealthy and you'll regret it later. I mean you are allowed to eat something unhealthy but do not overdo it, okay?
What this day does say is that you are allowed to eat things that do not fit together, such as ice cream with pickles, or pasta with chocolate, because today you are allowed to eat whatever you want. This day is also suitable to eat meals that are not impressive gourmet meals, but taste good to you and remind you of childhood like pita with chickpeas and pickles.
What unacceptable and strange foods do you like?

Eat What You Want Day

May 11 is also World Ego Awareness Day

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