Hamburger Day - May 28

May 28 is the Hamburger day, one of the days devoted to food in the US where The hamburger is a popular dish, a staple of a meat meal, present in almost all the meat menus in restaurants, and everybody know it, there almost no one who has never tasted it. 
Everyone knows the simple burger. Eat it with a bun, sauce, vegetables and fries on the side and it is made from beef.

Vegetarians and vegans can also find a substitute hamburger - hamburgers made of lentils, mushrooms or soybeans.

No matter what hamburger you eat and where, on May 28 you can celebrate the Hamburger day. On this date you can see hamburgers  competitions in the US, such as the highest hamburger in the world or a hamburger eating competition. 

Hamburgers animated gifs

In the picture: the highest burger in the world- John Clarkson of Lancashire, UK, owner of Mister Eaters Fish and Chips, took hamburgers and prepared this high-quality burger sandwich, which contains 30,000 calories. In this hamburger tower there are 10 hamburgers, with half rolls and side dishes such as vegetables, sausages, cheeses and fries. Other things between the layers of the bun and hamburgers: spaghetti Bolognese and meatballs, meat and potato cake, pepperoni pizza and black pudding. The height of the burger tower is 5 meters and 4 inches. John had put this animal together with his wife for hours. If you take care of your health, the burger skyscraper comes with a side salad;). Want to see more photos and read a little bit? Visit the Mister Eaters Fish and Chips page

 May 28 is also Amnesty International Day

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