Paper Airplane Day - May 26

Paper Plane Day is a national unofficial day celebrated in the United States on May 26 each year, in honor of the beloved but so simple toy that is made entirely of paper and creativity. A paper plane is a toy plane made entirely of folded paper, yet it can provide hours of Competitive game and fun.

Paper Plane Day is usually celebrated at social gatherings where participants create and fly paper airplanes. Among the participants it is customary to hold competitions in which the basic categories are the distance reached by the plane and the time spent in the air.

How to make a paper plane

Interesting facts about paper airplanes

The common hypothesis is that the use of paper planes began 2,000 years ago in China, because the Chinese even then liked to fly kites as a pastime.

The earliest date for the creation of modern paper planes was 1909.

In Japanese paper plane called  Kami Hikouki (紙 飛行 機 Kami = paper, Hikouki = plane). Paper airplane is probably the most common form of origami (Japanese art of paper folding).

The largest paper airplane had a wingspan of 59.74 feet. Students and workers from Germany created it on September 28, 2013.

Joe Ayoob documented the longest distance a paper airplane has flown in February 2012. His airplane flew 226 feet (which is 10 inches or 69.14 meters).

The longest paper plane flight took 29.2 seconds.

How to celebrate Paper Plane Day?

You can celebrate Paper Plane Day in several ways. One is to challenge yourself in building a paper airplane and hone your aerodynamics skills by designing new paper airplanes that will go as far as possible and spend as much time in the air as possible. You can play with family or friends in a paper airplane competition. If you have children or little nephews, today is to teach them how to make a paper airplane. Watch videos about paper planes on YouTube. Use the hashtag #PaperAirplaneDay to share on social media. No matter how you celebrate Paper Aircraft Day, you are sure to have fun!

So have a happy paper airplane day!

paper airplane day

May 26 is also Dracula Day

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