Visit Your Relatives Day - May 18

The day of visiting relatives is a special day of the year, it is not clear what its origin is and who invented it, but it is related to other family days such as grandparents' day, mother's day and so on.
As the name implies, this day is meant to encourage visits to family members, especially those who do not have many opportunities to see them.

Visiting family members is something that is often neglected and not done because of a busy schedule, even though most people would like to see their relatives more.
It is best to celebrate the day of the visit of relatives by visiting them, face to face, but if it does not come out, one can also make a virtual visit and celebrate by sending greeting cards and letters to distant family members, calling or chatting online.
There are many sites that offer free electronic greeting cards that can be sent to relatives in honor of this family day.

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