Brazil's Valentine's Day -Dia dos Namorados- 12 June

Dia dos Namorados (from Portuguese, which means: "Friends Day"), celebrated on June 12 in Brazil, near the day of St. Anthony's death on June 13. 

Like Valentine's Day, this day too is celebrated with gifts, romantic activities, decorations and celebrations. The term "Dia dos Namorados" is also used in other Portuguese-speaking countries.  
Antonius of Padua, also known as Saint Anthony, died on 13 June 1231 in Padua, Italy. Dia dos Namorados is celebrated on 12 June, on the eve of Saint Anthony's Day.
It is believed that Saint Anthony brings blessing to young couples for a happy and prosperous marriage.
Brazilian Valentine Day is celebrated with the exchange of gifts such as chocolate and flowers, nocturnal dates, home decoration and streets, and marches and carnivals of samba dancing and folk music.

Single women do a ritual called sympathy, which aims to help them find a husband or a good partner.
In Brazil, Valentine's Day is not celebrated because February 14 usually falls on the Brazilian carnival. Because Brazil does not celebrate Valentine's Day in February, many singles from the West love to be in Brazil on February 14 and stay away from the sticky romance that surrounds the rest of the world. American news sites have already announced that Brazil is the number one country to visit to celebrate the 
Valentine's Day.  

In other Portuguese-speaking countries, especially in Africa, Valentine's Day called "Dia dos Namorados" was celebrated on Valentine's Day in February.  
By coincidence, but right, the Dia dos Namorados are celebrating in the anniversary of the US Supreme Court's decision in 1967 to repeal the ban on interracial marriage across the United States.

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