Louisiana coloring pages

Louisiana is a state in the Deep South and South Central regions of the United States. A large part of its eastern boundary is demarcated by the Mississippi River. The state's capital is Baton Rouge, and its largest city is New Orleans. You can paint the state flag, the map, Louisiana  symbols and more. The coloring pages are suitable for Louisiana holidays like Mardi Gras, Louisiana Anniversary of Statehood. Symbols of Louisiana  are:  Amphibian: Green tree frog, Beverage: Milk, Bird: Brown pelican, Colors: Blue, white and gold, Crustacean: Crawfish, Dog: Catahoula leopard dog, Fish: White perch, Flower: Magnolia, Fossil: Petrified palmwood, Fruit: Strawberry, Gemstone:Crassostrea virginica oyster shell, Mineral: Agate, Insect: Honeybee, Jelly: Mayhaw jelly and Louisiana sugar cane jelly, Mammal: Louisiana black bear, Meat pie: Natchitoches meat pie, Motto: "Union, justice and confidence", Musical instrument: Diatonic accordion (also known as the Cajun accordion), Reptile: American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis), Slogan: "Feed Your Soul", Official Song: "You Are My Sunshine" and "Give Me Louisiana", Song — environmental: "The Gifts of Earth", Song — march "Louisiana My Home Sweet Home", Tartan: Louisiana Tartan, Tree: Bald cypress, Vegetable: Sweet potato, Vegetable plant: Creole tomato, Wildflower: Louisiana iris.. The coloring pages are suitable for children of all ages. To print the coloring page click on it and it will open in a new window. It can be saved or printed immediately using CTRL + P. Fun coloring!
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥
coloring pages of Louisiana
Alligator in a swamp
Pelican coloring page for kids Louisiana
Louisiana map
Louisiana accordion and saxophone coloring page
Music in Louisiana
Louisiana flag coloring page for kids
Louisiana flag
Louisiana symbols coloring page
Louisiana symbols

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