Pineapple Day- 27 June

Pineapple is one of the most delicious fruits. He is so sweet and juicy that it is hard to remain indifferent to him. And admit that it is also one of the most beautiful fruits there is.
The pineapple is a fruit grown on the ground, although many people think it grows on a tree. It emerges from the stem of a low plant, with only one pineapple growing on each plant.

The pineapple is a tropical fruit whose source is in South America, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.
According to the existing evidence, the first people to eat the pineapple were the Indians, or rather the Native Americans and the origin of the name "pineapple" is from the word "anna" which means "good fruit" in the Tufian language (a language used by native South Americans).
The pineapple has many uses such as a dessert, a fruit salad ingredient, a cake additive, an addition to a Hawaiian pizza and SpongeBob's house.
  You can eat it fresh, canned or fried, in any case it remains tasty.

The pineapple is also healthy: it is an excellent source of vitamin C, has no fat, has a lot of dietary fiber and vitamin A.
Happy Pineapple Day!

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