Selfie day - June 21

Are you also one of those people who stops every minute to photograph themselves on the phone making faces just like that? Do you also have a phone full of pictures of your face everywhere you go, even the most ordinary, when what you see in the picture is not the landscape but your face?
If so, Selfie Day is for you.

If you like pushing your face into every picture, taking pictures with every celebrity you meet, or even with animals, or you have an urge to take a selfie when you are just walking down the street, selfie day is your day.
The history of the selfie
A selfie is a self-portrait taken. Its history began in the early days when there were cameras. The first selfie was taken as early as 1839 by the American photographer Robert Cornelius (although some believe it was not he who photographed himself but his aides). Already in the age of old cameras, the technicians who created them realized the need for self-photography and added to the camera the possibility of timed photography. Smartphones have added the ability to reverse camera direction and share photos on social media in the early 21st century.

Yes yes, the need for self-portrait may be due to arrogance, vanity and narcissism, but it is so common and ancient that if you are addicted to selfies, you really are not alone.
In 1914 the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who was 13, felt a strong need to take a selfie. She photographed herself through the mirror because then there was no other way to do it.
The selfie of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna

In 1966 Buzz Aldrin photographed himself in the first selfie in space.
The word "selfie" on the other hand is relatively new. The word is derived from the English word self and it first appeared on the Australian Forum in 2002, and first appeared in the book by photographer Jim Krauss in 2005.
In 2012 the word selfie was chosen by Time magazine as one of the "Ten Buzzards of 2012" and in 2013 it was added to the Oxford Dictionary and also won the title of "Word of the Year".
In 2014, the BBC officially announced "Selfie Day" to be held on June 21 every year.

How to celebrate selfie day?
The best way to celebrate Selfie Day is to take full photos of your selfies and upload the best to the web and wish you a "Happy Selfie Day".
Today you should not feel bad about the fact that you really like your face and it must appear everywhere. So have fun photographing yourself (preferably from above) and share the photo.
June 21 is also Music Day ,  Yoga day and Giraffe Day

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