Chaos Never Dies Day - November 9

Most of us feel almost every day that the world is full of chaos, mess and that everything is mixed up, full of connections and confused. There are many days dedicated to relieving tension and calm, to breaking peace from the mess of the world, and the day of Chaos Never Dies that falls on November 9 is one of them.

Chaos Never Dies Day  is meant to tell us that the perfect and quiet world we all aspire to simply does not exist, has never existed and will never exist. There are too many creatures and objects and energy forces in the world and everyone turns to their side and everything mixes and binds to each other so the chance of a bit of silence is completely unlikely. Instead of fighting this fact, this special day has come to tell us that we must accept it. We need to understand it but make the most of the day, the chaos and the world as it is and just take a relaxing break.

The history of Chaos Never Dies Day 

Chaos is a state of disorder or confusion, and it appears in every aspect of human experience even before the term is even created.

In Greek mythology, chaos is the source of all that exists, the formless primordial matter made of a jumble of the four basic elements of the world: earth, air, water and fire, from which the first gods and the first world division were formed. In fact, chaos, confusion and disorder existed even before our universe was created, making them an integral part of our lives. If it reminds you of anything, it is the chaos described in the book of Genesis, before the creation of the world.

Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics, weather forecasting, physics, economics and philosophy, which describes many systems, which even when all the laws governing them are known, cannot be predicted to develop in the long run. These systems are called dynamic systems, and are highly sensitive to minimal changes in starting conditions. This phenomenon is known in pictorial language as the "butterfly effect".

The origin of "Chaos Never Dies Day" is unknown. Apparently got lost in the mess. But many people are spreading this idea that is reconcile with the fact and slowing down, taking a break and enjoying quiet time with themselves.

There is a whole industry of products designed to release stress. Spa treatments, meditations, yoga and more. All of these things help relieve stress, but that does not mean that the chaos in our lives has stopped if we have fallen asleep in the bath with oils and soap bombs or put a mask on our face. The chaos never dies.

Chaos can have different meanings for different people: for some it's a busy day on the work schedule, for some it's navigating a big, bustling city. For others, the chaos is a noisy family dinner. No matter what your specific chaos, the key to enjoying life is to embrace the confusion and face it head on. Here comes the day of chaos never dies - it is completely dedicated to complete and enjoy the chaos in the world around us.

Mother meditates in the children's mess

November 9 is also World Freedom Day

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