Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day- May 15

Many of us have birthmarks on our bodies. Birthmarks are spots we were born with and some of them accompany us from birth to the end of life.
May 15 is currently the awareness of vascular birthmarks and the entire month of May is the month of awareness for them.
Not all birthmarks are vascular. There are pigmented birthmarks caused by excess skin pigment cells that form moles and Mongolian spots. And there are vascular birthmarks that are created by increased blood vessel accumulations that cause, among other things, hemangiomas and wine-port spots.
Most vascular birthmarks are not genetically transmitted and are not due to maternal behavior during pregnancy.

Vascular birthmarks are divided into three types:
1. Flat / macular spots - delicate spots that appear as pink areas and are usually found in the nape and facial area of babies. Usually the spots disappear within a few months. These spots are also called "angel kiss", "salmon swelling" and "stork marks".
2. Wine-port stains - flat stains that range in color from light pink to deep red similar to wine color. Usually these stains
Appear in the area of the face, neck, nape and limbs. These spots are usually large and are caused by deficiency or lack of nerve
To blood vessels. Port wine stains appear in 0.3% of the population and are more common in girls.
3. Hemangiomas - birthmarks that form from blood vessel tumors. Birthmarks that can appear anywhere on the body, they appear immediately after birth but become more prominent and clear a few weeks after it. The hemangiomas usually grow by the age of one year and then begin shrink and clear, sometimes until they disappear completely.

Vascular birthmarks can have emotional and social consequences in cases where they are prominent in their location and size.
Children who have birthmarks may experience bullying and feel that their appearance attracts attention and comments.
Birthmark Awareness Day is designed to raise awareness of the phenomenon, hold meetings and conferences where you can learn and get to know people who suffer from birthmarks, collect donations to invest in research and find solutions for people who suffer from prominent birthmarks.
In honor of Childbirth Awareness Day you can read about the phenomenon, draw a heart with lipstick on your cheek as an identification, contact people who have vascular birthmarks and tell them about this day.

Link to the website of the Vascular Birthmarks Organization celebrating this day.

Photo link - Facebook page of the organization for vascular birthmarks

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