National Creamsicle Day- August 14

National Creamsicle Day is celebrated on August 14 each year. It is a day in honor of all the Creamsicles, from the simplest popsicle to the sophisticated creamsicle coated with chocolate of all kinds, nuts, almonds or filled with pop rocks, fruit pieces and more.

The creamsicle, is a delicacy ice cream or frozen juice on a stick.

The ice pop was invented by the American Frank Eperson, who patented it in 1924. Epson founded the Popsicle company and marketed the American ice pops, and to this day Popsicle is the generic name for Arctic ice. Although he was the first to register on this patent, there is evidence that already in the 19th century people were eating frozen juice on a stick.

The creamsicle first appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century in New York and San Francisco. The delicacy consisted of two cookies with ice cream in between. In the early 1920s, ice cream products began to appear in the United States. The chocolate ice-cream arctic first appeared in 1920. It was developed by Harry Burt and he called it Good Humor.

Then an immigrant from Denmark named Christian Nelson invented the Eskimo Pie, vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating. He patented his invention in 1921 (the patent expired in 1929).

Today there are ice pops that may not content only milk or juice. There are sorbet and yoghurt, soy milk and more. The flavors of the creamsicles are many and different and also the coatings.

Enough talking- in honor of the day of the creamsicle just buy your favorite creamsicle and enjoy!

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