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Oreo cookies Birthday - March 6

Oreo cookies are among the most delicious cookies that exist. Although they have a lot of calories, fat and sugar, there is almost no one who can resist them.
The first day Oreo cookies were sold was 109 years ago, on March 6, 1912, and in the first hundred years since, more than 500,000,000,000 cookies have been sold!
Every day, 95 million Oreo cookies are sold worldwide, which means that far, far more than 500 billion cookies have been sold so far.

In honor of the sweet birthday of Oreo cookies, here are some interesting facts about them:
About half of the people who eat Oreo cookies separate their two biscuits first.
If you make a tower out of all the Oreo cookies sold in a day, you will reach the tower 136 times Everest.
Making an Oreo cookie takes exactly 59 minutes - from mixing the ingredients to packing.
Oreo is considered the best-selling cookie in the world. It is available in more than 100 countries.
Oreo cookies, in their original version at least, are vegan. They do not contain eggs, milk and anything animal.
Oreo cookies are very tasty, and everyone has their own method of eating them. There are those who dip in milk, there are those who like to peel the white cream and eat it separately, there are those who like to eat only the cream and leave the biscuits naked alone.
Food artist Tisha Cherry decided to give Oreo cookies a special creative treatment: she uploaded to her Instagram page pictures of Oreo cookies she sculpted from their white cream all sorts of things like the head of the jellyfish monster from Greek mythology, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Football and more. Besides, she has lots of other beautiful creations in food, which you can see on her Instagram page: Tisha Cherry 

In the summer of 2013, Oreo released a limited edition version of watermelon flavored cookies. You can also get them now on Amazon.

If you like to dip your Oreo cookies in milk or tea, and do not want to dip your fingers in the way, you can use this cookie dip that fits basically all sandwich cookies in two layers.

An Oreo advertisement from 1950

Advertisement for Oreo from 1940 (Source)
If you have not yet decided what to wear on Purim, you can dress up as an Oreo cookie and a glass of milk:
Double costume: Oreo and milk (Link)

And quite by chance (probably), March 6 is also Dentists' Day ... and Frozen Food Day

Chocolate Mint Day - February 19th

 You can combine chocolate with lots of things, and they almost always came out successful, but one of the most successful and refreshing combinations is Chocolate Mint, which is a combination of chocolate and mint.

The combination of chocolate with mint has many benefits, not only because of its amazing taste but also health and nutritional benefits.

Chocolate has many natural ingredients that help the body in terms of health. It helps the brain produce serotonin and dopamine and thus improves mood. It contains flavonoids that improve the health of the arteries and reduce inflammation as well as theanines which prevent the bacterial culture in the mouth and protect the teeth from tooth decay and gingivitis.

Mint also has many benefits. First of all mint is a strong and aromatic herb that helps digestion and refreshes the breath. The mint leaves have glands that contain fragrant oil that contains the substance menthol, which is used in medicine (especially in dentistry), aromatherapy and as a spice for food.

Now combine the chocolate with the mint and see how strong this combination is.

The history of chocolate mint

The ancient Greeks and Romans valued mint for its ability to aid digestion, refresh the breath and add flavor to many different foods. The ancient Greeks would cover their dead with mint to prevent bad odors from rotting corpses. According to Greek mythology, Hades the god of the underworld was in a romantic relationship with a nymph named Mint. Hades' wife, Persephone, discovered the connection between them and out of anger enchanted the nymph and turned it into a sweet spice plant, the mint.

Until the end of the 19th century, there was no mint-flavored chocolate. In 1920 Henry C. Kessler opened the York Cone Company which created waffle cones and in 1940 his chocolate mint patties came into the world. In 1988 the Hershey Company acquired the York Cone company and since then it has been producing the mint candy in chocolate.

YORK Peppermint Patties

Although the York company was probably the first to make the chocolate and mint  combination popular, there are a few more companies that are making this great combination successfully.

Mint Chocolate Day was created by the US National Confectioners Association and is celebrated every year with various activities, which mainly promote the sale of mint chocolate candies to people who eat them with great joy.

How to celebrate Mint Chocolate Day?

Today is the day to combine chocolate and mint into your dishes. You can buy ready-made mint chocolate, or make your own dishes that contain these two ingredients like chocolate cake and mint, or chocolate mousse with mint and more.

Tim Tam Day - February 16th

One of the most delicious chocolate bars in existence, and there is hardly anyone to argue about it, is the chocolate bar that comes from Australia - Tim Tam!

February 16 is a day celebrated every year in honor of Tim Tam. It is not yet known who decided to dedicate this day to Tim Tam, but what does it matter? The main thing to celebrate.


Tim Tam is a chocolate snack from the Australian company Arnott, which consists of two biscuits between which there is cream (usually chocolate) and they are coated in chocolate.

What is special about the Tim Tam snack is that it is commonly used as a drinking straw for milk, cocoa or coffee.

Drinking Coffee with Tim Tam (Image Source)


One Tim Tam package has 11 units and the double coating packages have 9.

The history of Tim Tam

Tim Tam was invented by Arnot's food technology director, Ian Norris. In 1958 he decided to go on a world tour to look for inspiration for new products. While driving he found the penguin biscuit in the UK which is a biscuit snack coated in milk chocolate and filled with chocolate cream. Norris decided to make the penguin biscuit something even tastier and so he invented the Tim Tam which is made from two biscuits.

Ross Arnott, owner of Arnott, loved horse racing. In 1958 he visited a horse race in Kentucky and decided that his company's new chocolate snack would be named after the winning horse and so it was.

How to celebrate Tim Tam Day?

The best way to celebrate Tim Tam Day is to buy a package and eliminate it on your own or with someone else. To eat the tam tam in the traditional way one has to bite both its ends and then use it as a drinking straw. According to tradition, you should also take a photo and upload the photos with the hashtag #TimTamDay.


Each country has its own special treat. America has apple pie, England has scones, France has macaroons and Australia has Tim Tam. No doubt Australia played it with this awesome snack!

February 16 is also Almond Day and Innovation Day

Decorating With Candy Day - February 1st

Candy Decoration Day is a particularly creative, sweet and happy holiday that falls on February 1st every year.
Who among us has not fantasized about spending time in the house of the witch from Ami and Tammy that was made entirely of sweets (without getting caught of course)? Today is the day to fulfill your fantasy and decorate your home or room with sweets like colorful candies of all kinds and species, chocolates, waffles and any candy you want.
You do not have to decorate an entire room, you can also celebrate this day by decorating other things. Everything you eat or drink can fit and any candy goes!


Here are some ideas for decorating with candy:
A house decorated with sweets


Cakes or cookies decorated with sweets (Link)

Pizza decorated with sweets (Link)
Ice cream decorated with sweets (Link)

Cookies with sweets and a candle holder
It is not known who invented the idea of the day of decoration in sweets and why, but what is certain is that it is a very successful idea.

How to celebrate Candy Decoration Day?
Take out your creativity and get as many sweets as possible and decorate everything you want with them. Upload the photos to the social networks and add the hashtag Decoratingwithcandiesday. On social media you will find pictures of today's celebrations at the Hashtag (Twitter) #DecoratingWithCandyDay  Instagram

Chocolate Cake Day - January 27

Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated in honor of the most favorite cake of the people in the world. The cake with which most events are celebrated like birthday, anniversary, recruitment or bachelorette party, wedding and more and more is a chocolate cake because it is both the easiest to make and loved by almost everyone.
The chocolate cake recipe usually includes flour, eggs, sugar, cocoa powder or dark chocolate (which gives the cake the taste and color of the chocolate), oil or butter and leavening ingredients like baking soda (if you do not use puffed flour).
Of course you can also make a vegan chocolate cake, without milk and eggs, and a gluten-free chocolate cake without flour.

The history of chocolate cake
In the United States, chocolate was mainly consumed as a beverage until the 1930s and 1940s. Chocolate cakes as they are today, usually did not exist.
According to old records, the chocolate cake was born in 1765, when a chocolate maker Dr. James Baker ground an old cocoa bean between huge millstones to make a thick syrup, the liquid produced would be poured into cake molds, but from there it would turn into a drink.
In 1828, Coenraad van Houten from the Netherlands developed a mechanical extraction method for extracting fat from cocoa drinks, resulting in cocoa butter and cocoa solids that could be sold either as chocolate bars or as cocoa powder. Chocolate became a drink of the rich, a snack that the masses could enjoy.
A process for making a smoother chocolate called "conching" was developed in 1879 by the Swiss Rudolf Lindt and made baking easier with chocolate, as it was seamlessly and fully integrated into the baking of the cakes. Lindt is the founder of the elite Swiss chocolate company Lindt, which produces chocolate in a variety of types to this day.
Until almost the end of the 19th century, chocolate recipes were mainly aimed at chocolate drinks, their presence in cakes was only in filling and glazing. In 1886, American cooks began adding chocolate to the cake batter, to make the first chocolate cakes in the United States.

How to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day?
What better way to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day than to make a delicious chocolate cake yourself? There are a million chocolate cake recipes online. For example, if you want a very quick and easy chocolate cake to make, you can go to Link or Fur Chocolate Cake. If the cake comes out too thin for you, you can make another one, spread cream and make a cake in layers. The chocolate cake can be coated in cream, chocolate ganache, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and add candies, strawberries and endless options for decoration. Do not forget to respect others and do not eat all the delicious cake alone!
Picture: Chocolate cake with whipped cream icing, melted chocolate and strawberries

Whipped Cream Day- January 5

The whipped cream is a national holiday in the United States, but there is no reason why it should not be celebrated all over the world, because the cream can be part of any dessert, and it improves and upgrades every cake, ice cream ball, hot chocolate cake, fruit salad or strawberries.

The whipped cream was popular in the 16th century, and it appeared in the writings of Cristoforo di Messisbugo (Ferrara, 1549), Bartolomeo Scappi (Rome, 1570), Lancelot de Casteau (Liege, 1,604). The whipped cream was then called milk snow and consisted of whipped egg whites, rose water and sugar.
The whipped cream in a tank with nitrogen oxide was invented in 1930 by Charles Getz and Frederick Smith who worked for GFS Chemicals and Marshal Reinka. Both patents were filed and discussed later. Getz's patent was considered illegal but later confirmed in the appeal.
How to celebrate the day of whipped cream?
Very simple - add cream to your coffee, eat strawberries with whipped cream, cake with whipped cream or take a whipped cream container and just squirt whipped cream into your mouth!

January 5 is also Bird Day

National Hard Candy Day- December 19

Who doesn't like hard candy? Both adults and children like to suck hard candy occasionally. There are so many types and flavors of hard candy, and they are always a good solution when boring in the mouth.
December 19 is the day of the celebration of the hard candy.
Most hard candy is made from 100% sugar with other flavors and colors. To make hard candy, boil the sugar syrup to a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Once it reaches the temperature and the sugar becomes liquid, pour it into a pan or roll and fold in shapes and let the candies cool off. Once it cools, the solid sugar becomes hard and crisp.


The first hard candies were candies with lemon drops and mints that served as a remedy for digestive diseases.
The hard candy became popular in the seventeenth century when the price of sugar fell. Before that, in the Middle Ages, hard candy was something only the rich could afford.
By the mid 1800s, more than 400 companies had created this popular indulgence. The hard candy already had a role in the tale of Hansel and Gretel of the Grimm brothers from the mid-19th century, in the decoration of the house of the evil witch in the forest.
If you are on a diet and want a sweet taste - you have hard candy without sugar. If you feel you have a bad smell in your mouth, a mint can help.
Hard candy is the opposite of soft candy like toffee. You can also find them in the form of lollipops, also wrapped in one bulk, also in various forms such as a grandfather stick and also arranged in a package without wrapping (like Mentos).


National Brownies Day - December 8

National Brownies Day is celebrated on December 8 every year. The brownies are a type of chocolate cake cut into squares, named after their brown color. The chocolate cake from which the brownies are cut is very low and thick, and is often filled with nuts (especially walnuts), chocolate chips or peanut butter.

The homeland of the brownies is the United States and they usually serve them with ice cream or whipped cream.

There is an urban legend that tells that the cookies were accidentally invented by a scattered cook who forgot to add to the chocolate cake he made baking powder. This story has no evidence.

Another version says that the cookies were invented in 1893, during the Chicago World Expo in Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel.

The hotel owner's wife, Bertha Palmer, asked the hotel's pastry chef to make a suitable dessert for the women who attended the show that would be small enough to fit in lunch boxes or low and small that they could eat with a napkin without getting dirty. The result was the Palmer House brownies with walnuts on top and apricot glaze.

Today the modern Palmer House Hotel serves the brownies as a dessert to its guests made from the same recipe and to this day it is one of the hotel's most beloved desserts. The original recipe of the Palmer House.

The brownies were first mentioned by name in the The 1897 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog.

1897 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue - page 16 (link)

The brownies have a golden version - the blondies that have a special day on January 22nd.

In 1907 a new recipe for the brownies appeared in the Lowney's Cook Book, by  Maria Willet Howard who adapted the recipe of the Boston School of Cooking for "Bangor's Brownies." She added more egg and more chocolate to the recipe and created a richer dessert. Her recipe is named after the town of Bangor in the state of Maine which was the birthplace of the housewife who claimed to have invented the original recipe of the brownies.

The claim that the housewife from Bangor was the inventor of the brownies was refuted in "The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink" which states that there are cookbooks from 1904 that already included a recipe for brownies identical to Bangor's brownies.

Cool fact - the brownie fairy is a little dwarf that appears in British folklore, who comes home at night and performs household chores if the household members left him a bowl of milk or cream on the fireplace.

How to celebrate National Brownies Day?

There are so many brownie recipes, that it's not a problem to find a recipe for making brownies at any level of preparation and with any ingredient you fancy. Make classic brownies or with crazy ingredients like candies, pretzel chips, salty snacks or whatever you want to try and vary. Give to friends, neighbors or family and do not eliminate everything alone!

Post your brownies photos and recipes on social media with the hashtag #browniesday

December 8 is also Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Cotton Candy Day - December 7th

Today is a really sweet day. Sweet to the extent that it causes diabetes and destroys the teeth, but at the same time also brings up sweet memories of childhood.

The first cotton candy machine was created in the 19th century, ironically by a dentist. In 1897 dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton invented the machine that heats the sugar and turns it into a liquid, then solidifies it again into thin strands reminiscent of glass. The lump of sugar threads that eventually form was very light because it contained mostly air.

The first appearance of cotton candy was in 1904, when it was introduced to a wide audience at the World's Fair in St. Louis, as a 'fairy Floss'.

In 1921, dentist Joseph Lascaux invented a new cotton candy machine and sold the candy at his clinic in Louisiana. He first gave it the name "Cotton Candy" and registered a patent for the machine.

In 1966, the world's largest cotton candy manufacturer, Tootsie Roll Industries, began producing cotton candy in bags called Fluffy Stuff.

Cotton candy is a treat that is usually served at street stalls at fairs, parties, carnivals, performances and public celebrations. The natural color of cotton candy is white, but it can be changed with food coloring. The cotton candy can also be made with other flavors.

Cotton candy day

More interesting facts about cotton candy

A strand of cotton candy is thinner than a strand of human hair.

Despite being thin, the thread can be very long. The longest cotton thread was created in July 2009 in Turkey and stretched over 1,400 meters  (4,593 ft 2 in). (Source: Guinness World Records)

Cotton candy has different names around the world. In England it is called Candy Floss. In Australia and Finland it is called Fairy floss. In the Netherlands, it is known as Suikerspin, which means "sugar spider". Traveling to France? Call it Barbe à papa, meaning father's beard. In Israel it is called Granny Hairs, because it's white and fluffy.

How to celebrate Cotton Candy Day?

To celebrate Cotton Day National Candy, treat yourself to a cotton candy. Just do not overdo it to not end up with an abnormal load of sugar!

Make a cotton candy yourself - today you can buy a cotton candy maker at home at reasonable prices and enjoy the candy whenever you feel like it.

Cotton Candy Machine - link to buy

Eat with your siblings and friends. Today is an opportunity to eat the cotton candy together with siblings or childhood friends and bring up sweet memories of the events you were at when you were little, when cotton candy would make you supreme happy and especially for it you were happy to leave the house.

December 7 is also Pearl Harbor day

Baklava Day - November 17

Every year on November 17, we celebrate the day of the baklava, the sweet, sticky and liquid pastry, made from layers of filo leaves suitable for texture and flavor filled with chopped nuts dipped in syrup or honey.
The baklava, which originates from the Turkish people, is a dessert in many countries and can be prepared in several ways. With honey or sugar water, with walnuts, pecans, pistachios or almonds. Filled with raisins, dates, prunes or figs. The spices most often used are cinnamon, cardamom or cloves.
Although the history of the baklava is not well documented, its current form has probably evolved in the imperial kitchens of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Topkapi Palace is the official residence of the Ottoman sultans and the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the 19th century. The Sultan would honor the geniuses (Turkish soldiers) in the baklava trays every 15th of Ramadan in a ceremonial procession called the baklava to me.
Baklava is also a popular pastry in Greek, Balkan, Romanian, Arab and Armenian cuisines.
The Greeks discovered baklava on their travels to the east and contributed to the recipe the invention of the filo dough technique, a dough that can be rolled to the thickness of a leaf ("filo" in Greek is a leaf).

How to celebrate Baklava Day?
You can make baklava yourself, filo dough, nuts and sugar or honey water. Preparing this dessert may take some time. However, it is a treat worth the work and the wait. And you can also go shopping in bakeries, markets or candy stores.

  November 17 is also Unfriend Day and World Prematurity Day

Candies and sweets coloring pages

Here are cute coloring pages of candies, sweets, chocolate, cookies, cupcakes and more deserts you can color for fun. 
Choose the coloring page of candy you want to color, print and paint for your enjoymentTo print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

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