Poet's Day - August 21

Poetry is a major and central part that illuminates our world with the passion and wonder that flow from the tip of the poets' pens.

Poetry exists in every culture. There is composed poetry that is sung, there is poetry that is read and there is poetry that is in a drawer, songs that are written and not shown to anyone.

Many of us have "sinned" or are "sinning" by writing songs that are not always famous. The songs sometimes express pain, fears, falling in love, excitement and what not.

Poetry is the art of writing a literary work, in which the aesthetic features of language are used in addition to or in its literal meaning.

In honor of Poet's Day, take a pen and a paper and write down what is on your mind. It can be anything from the sun that shines this morning in the garden, the stormy noise of the people on the city streets, the butterfly flight, broken heart, longing and missing.

If you have songs you have written and a talent for lyrics, maybe it's time to offer it to a composer who will submit it to one of your favorite singers or perform at a poetry evening where you will read your piece.

Edgar Allan Poe, American poet, lived 1809-1849

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