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Barbie and Ken Coloring pages

Coloring pages of Barbie. On March 9, 1959, the famous plastic doll Barbie first appeared in a toy fair in New York. The first Barbie doll was a puppet in the form of a very thin woman, blonde with blue eyes, a beauty difficult unattainable model. The idea of ​​a Barbie doll conceived by Ruth Handler, German woman who bought similar shapely doll for her daughter as "a child Lily" and noticed the girl playing her enthusiastically. Because of the structure of the anorexic body Barbie doll came under much criticism for its designers. Said it encourages eating disorders, it causes low body image in girls and young women who aspire to look like and more. Barbie doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel (Mattel) apart from the classic Barbie produces a multitude of versions and accessories. 
In July 2023, a new movie was released about Barbie and Ken, Greta Gerwig's version of the all-time popular doll, in which Barbie and Ken suddenly find themselves in the real world.
Ken Carson is the legendary Barbie ex, and he first appeared on March 11, 1961 at the toy fair of the company that produces it, Mattel. There were some who made unpleasant comments about his masculinity, and that he cared more about clothes than his love life, that he was superficial and arrogant, but all in all his character was well received in the puppet world. Many bought him and turned him into Barbie's partner, and their love flourished.
In 2004 came the great breakup, the separation that shook the barbarian world. Barbie announced that she was leaving Ken and moving to an Australian surfer named Blaine Gordon. 
Ken did not give in and tried to woo her in vain. In 2011 he tried to bring her back to him by declaring his 50-year-old love still alive and kicking. Barbie was moved by the gesture and returned to his arms and they are together to this day.
A few more facts about Ken that you might not have known:
Ken is younger than Barbie on two years and two days.
Ken was named after Kenneth Handler, the son of the founders of Mattel, Ruth and Eliot Handler.
Ken's first doll was sold at $ 3.5, which is equivalent to $ 27 today.
Ken and Barbie are from Wilson, Wisconsin, USA (there is not really such a city).
According to a metal company, Ken and Barbie met for the first time on a set of photographs for their commercial together.
Ken is higher than Barbie at 1/2 inche. His height is 12” .
Mattel has released new models of Ken dolls to suit the 21st century. The company has introduced 15 new Ken characters in different body structures: "thin", "wide" and "original." Ken will also appear in seven skin tones, eight hair colors and nine hair styles, according to company vice president Lisa McKnight. Barbie or Ken look to the present generation and that Ken's development was a natural stage for the brand and allows to build and personalize the role they want him to fill in the world of Barbie.
In 1964 Ken's best friend was introduced by Metal, named Alan. Alan was the spouse of Midge, a friend of Barbie's.
In 1982, the first version of the Afro-American Ken was released.
In 1993, the Earring Magic doll, which became popular with gay men, was also released, partly because of the way Ken was dressed and because of the earring in his ear. It is also the best-selling Ken doll of all time.
In 1997 it was discovered that Ken has a small brother named Tommy.
After his breakup from Barbie in 2004, Ken began following her on
In the movie Toy Story Ken changed 50 costumes.
In 2009, Mattel released the version of the "Sugar Daddy" on the Palm Beach production line. Ken's new doll raised eyebrows and Mattel responded that the new line was intended for older Barbie collectors, and the name Sugar Daddy refers to Ken's dog named Sugar.
Below you will find Barbie and Ken coloring pages which you can paint for your enjoyment. Choose the coloring page of Barbie you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. Have fun!

International Diabetes Day - November 14

International Diabetes Day is a day set by the UN and is designed to raise awareness of diabetes, its treatment and prevention.
There are three main forms of diabetes: type 1 diabetes (also known as "insulin-dependent diabetes" and "juvenile diabetes"), type 2 diabetes (also known as "adult-onset diabetes" or "insulin-independent diabetes"), and gestational diabetes.

The cause of diabetes is difficulty in producing or absorbing insulin.
Diabetes has two dangerous conditions: an excess of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia), which is usually caused by an insufficient amount of insulin in the blood, and a condition of lack of blood glucose (hypoglycemia), which is usually caused by too much insulin in the blood.
International Diabetes Day was first celebrated on November 14, 1991. November 14 was chosen because it was the birthday of Frederick Banting, a Canadian physician and biochemist, who in 1923 won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for insulin extraction. He discovered insulin in 1922 with Charles Herbert Best.
 International Diabetes Day logo

In honor of International Diabetes Day, get 19 short, good and surprising tips from doctors to deal with the disease and balance blood sugar, which help to live with the disease in a normal life routine:

1. Exercise - Do not settle for aerobic activity such as walking and running, incorporate more exercise into your agenda such as gym, Pilates, design classes.

2. Dietary fiber - Add dietary fiber to every meal that inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates.

3. Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day.

4. Adequate sleep - Sleep of 7 to 9 hours a day is important for balancing sugar.

5. Sitting in front of the computer - Avoid prolonged sitting in front of the computer. Do not sit for more than two hours beyond what is required of you at work.


6. Herbs and Spices - It has been found that infusions of herbs and spices such as green tea, cinnamon, turmeric, fenugreek, aloe vera and more help balance the sugar level in the body.

7. Breakfast - It is important not to give up breakfast. In the morning the body is sensitive and responds better to insulin and breakfast contributes to the secretion of hormones that are very important for maintaining sugar levels. Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, compared to other meals.

8. Vegetable fat - A very important ingredient in the menu is the vegetable fat that helps balance blood sugar levels - olive oil, almonds, tahini, avocados, seeds, nuts.

9. Foods to avoid - saturated animal fats such as beef, liver, cream ice cream, fatty cheeses, butter, Puff pastry, processed foods.

10. Protein - Even eating protein is not good to eat a lot. The proteins cause an increase in the level of glucose in the blood because they become sugar. Although the absorption of the sugar that the liver produces from the protein is slower and more controlled, it should not be exaggerated yet, because it is still sugar.

11. Combine carbs with vegetables and healthy fats - If you eat bread, eat it with cucumber or avocado. It is better than bread without anything because then the carbohydrate breaks down more slowly.

12. Wine - A study conducted at Ben-Gurion University led by Prof. Iris Shai found that moderate consumption of wine, especially red wine, improves the health of diabetics.

13. Exercise - Contrary to many people's beliefs, exercise does not always cause sugar to drop. Although it causes the sugar to burn in the muscle quickly and this can cause sugar to fall, in some people the opposite happens, the muscle absorbs the sugar on the one hand, and the body secretes hormones that raise the sugar level on the other. To know what is causing you physical exertion, you should measure your blood sugar level using a continuous measuring device.

14. Maintaining contact with doctors - The supervision of a doctor is necessary in the event of diabetes. Although it is not pleasant to hear the restrictions and instructions, but you must demonstrate maturity and responsibility towards your body and tell the doctor about any problem or weakness.

15. Reduce with simple carbohydrates - give up white bread, pastas, rice, sugar, etc. There is a difference between the effect of simple carbs on people. There are those for whom rice bounces the sugar level, and there are those for whom potatoes do it. A recent study conducted at the Weizmann Institute found that it was possible to assess which foods raised blood sugar in patients by examining their gut bacteria.

16. Exercise time - for children it is recommended to play outside for at least an hour a day, for adults it is recommended to do exercise about an hour a day.

17. Do not overdo the consumption of salt. Salt causes an increase in blood pressure. Consume up to 3 grams of salt a day.

18. Treat depression and anxiety - Studies have found that diabetics are 20-25% more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than healthy people. A state of mental stress disrupts the sugar levels in the body so treating depression and anxiety is important. You can use complementary medicine treatments to relieve mental stress such as acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology and more.

19. Non-smoking - Smoking is dangerous for the entire population, but for diabetics who are at higher risk of developing atherosclerosis it is even more dangerous.

November 14 is also Pickle Day

National Pickle Day- 14 November

Happy Pickle day! On November 14 we celebrate the National Day of pickles. This day is celebrated in honor of pickle in festivals around the world.

Fun facts about pickles:

The word pickle comes from the Dutch word pekel, meaning brine.  

Each year in the United States, more than 20 Billions pickles are consumed.

The average American consumes nearly 9 lbs of pickles a year.

Pickles are a great snack, low in calories and a good source of vitamin K, though they can be high in sodium. 

More than 2/3 of American households eat pickles.

When served on a stick at festivals, fairs or carnivals, pickles are sometimes known as “stick pickles”.

Dill pickles are more popular than sweet pickles by almost 2:1.

A rising trend in the United States is deep-fried pickles which have a breading or batter surrounding the pickle spear or slice.

For thousands of years pickles have been a popular food dating back to 2030 B.C.  At that time, cucumbers were imported from India to the Tigris Valley where they were first preserved and eaten as pickles.

Cleopatra attributed her good looks to her diet of pickles.

Julius Caesar fed pickles to his troops believing that they lent physical and spiritual strength.

November 14 is also World Diabetes Day

World Freedom Day- November 9

In many parts of the world, freedom is something taken for granted - the freedom to choose a religious or secular way of life, the freedom to be in relationships with the person you love, the freedom to dress, to travel from one place to another ... and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there are many places in the world where these freedoms are not available to most people, who are forced to live empty, frustrating and inadequate lives because the authorities do not allow them to choose.
If you do not know the fear of expressing your opinion, you are considered lucky people who live in a place where freedom is a basic human right. Like every good thing, the existence of freedom must be celebrated and for this to mark the World Day of Freedom.  
The reason for choosing this day as World Freedom Day is to mark the event of the fall of the Berlin Wall on that date in 1989.
The Berlin Wall was a fortified wall that surrounded the western Berlin enclave between 1961-1989. The wall divided Berlin into two parts: East Berlin controlled by East Germany and Western Berlin under the control of West Germany, and the separation between West Berlin and East Germany.
The Berlin Wall in 1963, a view from the western side of East Berlin (Source: Roger Wollstadt - Flickr)

On August 13, 1961, the East Germans began building the wall, which almost completely severed the connection between East and West and dramatically affected the lives of Berliners on both sides. The wall was considered one of the main symbols of the Cold War for more than twenty-eight years. Its opponents sometimes called the wall "the wall of shame" (Schandmauer).
The wall became overnight a barrier that prevented East Berliners from exercising freedom of movement in their city, and those who tried to cross it found themselves at high risk of dying from the bullets of East German border guards. Over the years, the wall was fortified and reinforced by other means, to the extent that it became an almost insurmountable barrier, and as a result, escape attempts were rare in recent years.
The fall of the wall on November 9, 1989 was a formative event, symbolizing more than anything else the fall of the Communist regimes in those years and the end of the Cold War. Following its overthrow, Germany was reunified in 1990, and reunited Berlin became the capital of Germany.

November 9 is also Chaos Never Dies Day

World Urbanism Day (World Town Planning Day) - November 8

World Urbanism Day (also called "World Town Planning Day") is a day dedicated to the profession of city planning, the profession that deals with everything related to cities in order to preserve the quality of life and their environment. 


City planners should think about everything: transportation and accessibility, safety, clean air, proper water, good infrastructure such as roads and bridges, communications, and so on.

World Urbanism Day was founded in 1949 by Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires, a graduate of the Institute of Urbanism in Paris, to promote the public and professional interest in urban planning.

On this day there are professional conferences on urban planning in more than 30 different countries.

The profession of city planning has changed over the years because of changes in the climate, needs of the population and more.


The father of urban planning was Hippodamus, who had planned Miletus, a city in ancient Greece.

Did you know that a great way to teach your kids about city planning is to let them play in Minecraft? In this game you learn to design structures in a public space and it is a good start to learn about the impact of good planning of buildings on the quality of life of the residents.

November 8 is also Cappuccino Day

Happy Birthday to the MoMA Museum in New York- November 7

On November 7, 1929, one of the world's best art museums, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), was opened for the first time.

The MoMA Museum is located in the Midtown area of ​​Manhattan's New York City, at 11 West 53 Street.

The museum opened with the initiative and support of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, a philanthropist and a member of the wealthy Rockefeller family from New York. The museum was designed by modernist architect Edward Dorel Stone. On May 21, 2002, the museum was closed for extensive renovations and reopened on November 20, 2004 in a new building designed by Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi.

If you visit New York, the MoMA Museum is one of the places to visit, and rightly so. You will find, among other things, the best and most famous works in the world, such as: Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night", Pablo Picasso's "The Disappearance of Avignon", "The Continuity of Memory" by Salvador Dali, "Broadway Boogie Wogi" by Pete Mondrian, Claude Monet's "The Water Lilies," "The Dance" by Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne's "Laundromat", Frida Kahlo's "Self-Portrait," Andy Warhol's "Mercy Campbell," Henri Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy, Lovers "of Renee Magritte.  

In the museum there are permanent exhibitions of the most highly regarded American artists: Jackson Pollock, Jasper Jones, Edward Hopper, Ross Blackner, Andy Warhol, Chuck Coles, Ralph Basque, Raphael Olavinsky, Edward Avdisian and others.   

The museum also has an extensive collection of photographs and a beautiful sculpture garden. 

Starry Night- Vincent Van Goch 1889- MoMA Museum New York

Nachos Day- November 6

Nachos Day is one of the food days in the United States and is celebrated every year on November 6.

The nachos is a food whose source is from Mexico and it started to be popular in Texas and from there in many countries around the world.

The nachos was invented in 1943 in northern Mexico, in a place called Piedras Negres, in the state of Coahuila. One evening, several U.S. soldiers wives who were at an outpost in the area, located just off the border with Texas, arrived at a hotel restaurant.


The restaurant was already closed and the food was almost over. The restaurant's head waiter, whose name was Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, had to improvise to give them something to eat.

From the only ingredients he had: a few tortillas, some grated cheese and peppers, he made snacks with melted cheese and chopped peppers. The women very much liked the snack and when they asked the waiter what they were called, he replied: "Nacho's specials."

The snack soon became a hit in Texas and other Southwest states.

Ignacio Nacio Anaya moved to work at the El Moderno restaurant in Pieders Negres, which turned his nachos into its special dish. To this day the restaurant adheres to its Nachos and serves them.

Ignacio later opened his own restaurant and called it "Nacho's Restaurant", also in Pieders Negres, Mexico. Ignacio Nacio Anaya died in 1975. The original recipe of Nachos was printed in St. Ann's Cookbook in 1954.

Later, they began marketing the nachos in new versions, serving it with sauces such as spicy salsa, minced meat or guacamole, and it became a commercial snack.

Night of Guy Fawkes- November 5

The night of the gunpowder is the night of firecamps and firecrackers in the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Newfoundland, Canada, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Australia, to celebrate the failure of the gunpowder plot, a plot of Catholic rebels led by Guy Fawkes, to kill England King James I by bombing the House of Lords in London.

The night of the bonfire is also called Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night and Plot Night.

It is an informal holiday in which it is customary to light bonfires and eat roasted potatoes in a bonfire wrapped in aluminum foil. They also fire fireworks and burn dolls in the form of Guy Fawkes, who was the gunpowder expert that was supposed to detonate the bomb he had prepared in the basement of the House of Lords.

  The children have a favorite holiday: they eat a candy called "bonfires toffee" near the fire, a caramel apple and a Perkin cake.

In Australia, Guy Fawkes' night was celebrated with a lot of fireworks, so they called it "Cracker Night". In the 1960s, Australian states banned free fireworks from the general public because of the danger, and since then the popularity of the holiday has faded. In New Zealand to this day to this day celebrate with fireworks.

What was the gunpowder plot?

The Gunpowder Plot was an attempt by a group of Catholic extremists to murder King James I of England, his family and most of the Protestant aristocracy by blowing up the Westminster Palace in 1605 during the opening ceremony of the Parliament to obtain rights for Catholics.

They also plotted to kidnap and murder the king's children who were not present at the ceremony.

The original plan was to dig a tunnel from a distant basement to the House of Lords and place the explosives there, but at the end one of the conspirators, Thomas Percy, managed to rent a cellar under the House of Lords and there was no need to mine the tunnel.

Guy Fuchs filled the basement with gunpowder gradually, until by March 1605 there were 36 barrels containing 2.5 tons of gunpowder that could have destroyed all the structures in the Westminster Palace including Westminster Abbey, if they had exploded.

Fox's job was to blow up the barrels of gunpowder while his friends waited in Dunchurch, Warwickshire, for the consequences of the plot.

How did the plot fail?

The members of the plot group feared that the Catholics would be hit by the blast. One of them, apparently Francis Treshem, wrote on October 26 a letter to Catholic Lord William Parker-Lord Montagel, warning him against the planned explosion. Lord Montagall showed the letter to Robert Cecil, the Secretary of State. Following the letter, the palace guard searched all the basements below, until on November 5, Judge Thomas Kenneth, accompanied by an armed guard, caught Fawkes holding a watch and matches, and then discovered barrels full of explosives. Fawkes promptly admitted the plot with pride and was sent to prison at London Fort, where he gave the names of the rest of the group after being tortured.

Guy Fawkes and his teammates were executed on 31 January 1606 in the courtyard of the old palace in Westminster by hanging. 

Results of plot failure

The plot was intended to grant rights to Catholics, but instead the rights were revoked and they were accepted only after two hundred years.

More interesting facts about the failed gunpowder scheme:

Literary scholars believe William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" was inspired by the plot.

The word "Guy" in English - which means a generic term for a person - comes from Guy Fawkes, whose name was shouted at the bonfires.

  Every year, before the opening ceremony of the British parliament, members of the Parliament Guard conduct a ceremonial search for explosive charges in all rooms of the Parliament building.

  The cellar in which the barrels were hidden was destroyed in the fire in 1834.

The lantern that Fox carried in his hand while he was caught is being exhibited at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Link to Ashmolean Museum


The mask of Anonymous - the activists who want to remain anonymous, was inspired by Guy Fawkes' face, following the film V for Vendetta, which was released in 2006, inspired by the plot and used in this mask.

November 5 is also Love Your Red Hair Day

Halloween greeting cards

Halloween is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. It dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed. Many Halloween traditions originated from the ancient Celtic harvest festival of Samhain. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (or the related guising), attending Halloween costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing and divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films. Here are some Halloween greeting cards you can share and send to whoever you want.
Happy Halloween - a haunted house greetin cardHappy Halloween vampire girl
Happy Halloween - an enchanted houseHappy Halloween- cute bat
Happy Halloween spiders greeting cardHappy Halloween greeting card
Halloween Temporary Tattoos for Kids
Halloween Temporary Tattoos for Kids
Happy Halloween - an enchanted houseHappy Halloween- spider web

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