April Fool's - April 1st

The first day of April is the day known as "April Fool's day" and its essence is that on this day it is permissible to lie and fool people, because this is the day of pranks and falsehood. We all know that if we hear news and stories on this day, we should take them for a limited evening because there is a great chance that someone who tells us them laughs behind us. So if a friend tells you he is moving or getting married, or his grandmother bequeathed him a yacht and he wants to take you around the world, or he won the lottery first prize or you have something green between your teeth or your zipper is open - believe it nothing! If your boss tells you you're fired or your girlfriend tells you she's leaving you or she's pregnant - you can relax, that's probably not true, on this day, chances are you're just been pranked. On the other hand, you know, maybe that's true.

In many countries, April 1 is known as "International Fools' Day" or "Fools' Day", in which people tell lies to try to seduce others. A victim of an April Fool's prank is called "April Fool" in English, "Pesce d'aprile" in Italian and "Poisson d'avril" in French.
The origin of the customs of April 1 is not certain, but there are some speculations about it:
One hypothesis is that the French are responsible for the custom. In 1564, during the reign of Charles IX, the French king decided that the beginning of the civil year would move to the first of January, instead of what was customary until then according to the Julian calendar, to mark the beginning of the civil year on 1 April. This was the beginning of the reform to the transition to the Gregorian calendar system accepted today.

Charles issued a royal decree called "The Addiction of Rosillon" in which he announced the aforementioned change at the times of the year. The move created much confusion among the French. Invitations to Rosh Hashanah parties and gifts in honor of the New Year even though the holiday is not already celebrated on this date.Because of the confusion the custom of "tensions" began on this day each year.
The first mention of April 1 in the United Kingdom appears in John Aubrey's notes from 1686, according to which the custom came to the United Kingdom from Germany in the mid-17th century.

April 1 is also Atheists' Day

Accessories for April 1st:

Stretching a snake jumps out of a box of potato snacks (Link)

Shocking pen

A formidable spider 

 Fake poop  

Fake parking report

OMG snake in the garden 

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