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Chicken Dance Day - May 14

Chicken Dance Day is a special day that falls on May 14 and is dedicated to the fun, childish, silly and popular dance - Chicken Dance.
The Chicken dance also known as the Bird Song, the Birdie Song, the Bird Dance or the Chicken Song, makes people happy all over the world. It is danced at family events, at school and kindergarten events and can also be done at home with the children.

Want to see how the birds dance? Here is a video demo:

A little about the history of Chicken dance:
The melody of the dance was composed in 1950 by  Werner Thomas, a Swiss accordion player from Debus.

Thomas called the song "Der Ententanz" (The Duck Dance). In the 1960s, Thomas would play the song in various restaurants and hotels, until at one of his performances, he was heard by a Belgian producer named Louis van Rymenant. Van Rymenant wrote a song for the melody and began distributing it to the public in 1970, but with almost no success.
Jake's restaurant
In 1977 a Dutch band called "De Electronica's" created an instrumental version of the song and overnight the duck dance became a hit and a very successful international song. 
From the moment the song was published, many "bird" names were added to it: the dance of the birds, the dance of the chick, the dance of the chickens, etc. The song has been recorded in more than 140 versions, all over the world, including one by Walt Disney, and has sold more than 40 million copies.
On September 20, 2004, rock musician Vince Neil, of the Motley Crue Band, organized the largest bird dance in the world at the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati, Ohio.
On November 13, 2009, a support event was organized for a children's hospital in Eastern Ontario, Canada, in which 389 people bought a ticket for $ 100 to dance for 3 hours in a row.
On April 23, 2010, the world's largest bird dance record was broken, held in downtown Byron, Michigan at the Jake's restaurant, as a fundraising event for Helen Debus Children's Hospital. By the way, in the entrance of Jake's restaurant there is a huge plastic chicken statue.

In honor of U.S. Independence Day in 2010, on July 4, tens of thousands of people in North Dakota danced the bird dance at a street festival and set a new world record.

Awkward Moments Day - March 18

Embarrassing moments happen all the time and for everyone. But there are people for whom this happens more than others.
Do you know that something embarrassing happened to you that you wanted the earth to open its mouth and swallow you?
If so, Awkward Moments Day is just for you. This is the day to remember embarrassing things that happened to you or others and laugh about it, because to do embarrassing things is human.

If something embarrassing happens to you today, it's time to laugh about it and move on.

Collection of the most embarrassing moments in life:

1. It is embarrassing to ask someone when she is supposed to give birth and then she answers that she is not pregnant.

2. It is embarrassing to ask someone what he intends to wear to the event and then find out that they were not invited at all.

3. It's embarrassing when you'm in the middle of a conversation with someone and he accidentally spits on you and you wait impatiently for the conversation to end and he will go so you can clear it ...

4. Fail cookies- This moment you do not know whether to compliment the person who made these ugly cookies or tell him the truth.

5. It's embarrassing when you sit in the bathroom and shit and suddenly find that there is no toilet paper.

6. It's embarrassing when you fall and then quickly check if no one has seen and continue to walk normally, as if nothing happened.

7. It is embarrassing when you tell a child that he is really similar to his mother or father and then you are told that he is adopted.

8. It's embarrassing when everyone sings you a happy birthday and you do not know what to do with yourself.

9. It's embarrassing that you gossip about someone in an email and then accidentally send it to him.

10. It is embarrassing to meet someone, talk to him and not remember during the whole conversation what his name is at all.

11. It's embarrassing when you get stuck on someone on the way, and then everyone tries to move but in the same direction at the same time as the other and then it comes out like such a silly dance.

12. It's embarrassing to fart out loud in the bathroom of someone else's house, or in your own house when there are guests.

13. It is embarrassing to remember something embarrassing from the past and feel embarrassed about it again.

14. It is embarrassing when the teacher passes you in the middle of the test and you cover your test with one hand so that she does not see how stupid you are.

15. It's embarrassing to pry into someone's Facebook profile and accidentally like his post two years ago.

16. It's embarrassing to find out when you open the car door to get out that all the way half of the skirt / coat / garment was accidentally closed outside.

17. It's embarrassing to take the supermarket cart to someone else's.

18. It’s embarrassing to walk out of the restroom in a restaurant and find yourself walking around with a long trail of toilet paper.

19. It's embarrassing to talk to someone for a year and not find out that you do not know their name.

20. It's embarrassing to open a car door in the parking lot and sit inside next to the stunned driver and find out it's not the right car.

What is the most embarrassing moment you remember? Please send us more ...
Has anything happened to you from this list? To me the truth is that almost everything happened. What's the most embarrassing thing on the list?

March 18 is also Forgive Mom & Dad Day and Global Recycling Day

Backwards Day- 31 January

Thank you for reading this far! 

Backwards Day is the day to do everything backwards, from back to front! 

There are many ways to celebrate this day: go reverse, put on your clothes when the back is in front, write, speak or read backwards. 

It is also possible to change your daily routine to be the opposite: start with pajamas in bed and finish the evening at work. Start your day at dinner and end with breakfast. Eat dessert first and then the meal. People can say "bye" when meeting and "Hi" when they separate. In a phone call start with: "Goodbye! Thanks for calling!" And end the call in: "Hello, how may I help you?". 
An interesting example in the history of reverse doing things is of none other than one of the world famous artists, Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci wrote in his diaries in mirror writing, with the text in the opposite direction and can only be read in front of the mirror. There are several theories as to why Da Vinci did this. Could it be because it made it difficult for people to steal his ideas, or he could have hidden his work to prevent religious persecution. Another theory is that the artist simply wanted to avoid staining ink, because when writing from left to right with the left hand, the writing hand "smears" the ink and Da Vinci was left-handed.

In short, this is a very cool day to get out of the routine and normal life. While this may seem like a silly day, there is a deeper meaning behind it and an opportunity to re-examine our habits.

January 31 is also Zebra Day

Inane Answering Message Day- January 30

The voicemail messages on the phone are usually dull and corny. How many times have you heard the message: "You have reached X's voicemail. Please leave your message and I will get back to you shortly"?
January 30th is the day to replace the message in your voicemail with something original, funny, creative or silly, something that will give your caller a good taste, a smile or laughter and a good feeling, because why bother those who call you for not answering? At least give him a reason to smile.

One of the funniest moments in the Seinfeld series was the episode where George Costanza recorded a silly voice message on his phone with these words:

Believe it or not, George isn’t at home.

Please leave a message at the beep.
I must be out, or I’d pick up the phone.
Where could I be?
Believe it or not, I’m not home!

January 30 is also Croissant Day

National Pass Gas Day- January 7

Believe it or not, January 7th is the day of the bloat, or the day of the fart in the vernacular. No wonder it comes the day after January 6, which is Bean Day, and legumes are known to cause gas to accumulate in the colon and be released quietly or loudly. Other foods that cause gas to accumulate in the digestive tract are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, eggs and dairy products. The pressure builds up as foods like these break down and are digested in the colon, and it is released by gas bloating.

In honor of National Pass Gas Day, get some interesting facts about farts:

First of all, what are they good for? They relieve the pressure created in our colon by the food in various digestive states. If not released, they create pressure on the walls of the intestine and this can cause swelling, discomfort and constipation. This is not a dangerous situation, but it is definitely not pleasant.

A 1995 study (yes, there were studies on the subject) found that we fart 13.6 times a day. It is possible that the remaining 0.4 are gases that we were unable to expel properly. The average person emits 0.5 to 1.5 liters of gas a day.

Everyone is farting. Both women and men, both the Queen of England and Prime Ministers.

The main composition of the gases is five odorless gases: nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen. The gases become foul-smelling when compounds such as scatul, indole and sulfur are added to them.

The sound that the swelling makes when it comes out of the body is created as a result of the vibration of the anus and it varies depending on the thickness of the sphincter muscle and the speed of the gas coming out.

While it is not pleasant to release gases from the digestive tract, most of the foods that cause them are actually very good for us. Legumes, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, bananas and all kinds of vegetables and fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. So it's a shame to give them up because of this unpleasant side effect.

In most cultures, bloating is actually considered shameful and rude, so much so that there is a taboo on the subject. When a person farts in public he makes sure that no one notices that he has done it. When someone "runs away" in public, a loud fart can be very embarrassing but also funny to those around them.

The Romans in ancient Rome believed that deliberate restraint and avoidance of gas release harmed health, and whoever preferred the manners over health was a fool.

Some people have turned bullying into a profession. Mr Methane, for example, made a musical career out of his special gas-releasing talent. Link to Mr. Methane's Facebook page 

How to celebrate National Pass Gas Day?
Fart. And if you want to fart today more than average then eat healthy foods that help increase the amount of gas in the digestive tract.
Tell jokes about farts.
Do a fart contest between friends.
Plan a trip to the world championships in farts. They were previously held in Finland in 2013 and 2018.
You can spend the day in pranks: Put a whoopi cushion on someone's seat so that when he sits on it he will hear the sound of a fart.

Fart pillow - link

World Joke Day - July 1st

A joke is a funny story with a surprising punch that makes anyone who hears it laugh. Laughter is good for health, creates a good and pleasant atmosphere and brings people together.
So many problems would be solved in the world if people had more sense of humor.

International Joke Day officially began in the United States and was later adopted by many countries.
If you thought the jokes belonged in the modern world, you're wrong. Get a joke from ancient Greece:
"A hairdresser, a bald man and a scattered professor set out on a journey together. They set up camp to sleep at night and decide that every few hours someone else will be awake to keepguard. When the hairdresser watches the camp, he is bored, and amuses himself by shaving the professor's head. Wakes the professor who's turn to watch. The professor touches his head and says, "What a fool this hairdresser is, he woke the bald man instead of me!"
Greece also boasts the first comedy club, though its purpose was to share jokes between friends rather than one-man shows in front of an audience like we have now.

It is likely that already the first person told jokes when he looked at his figure reflected from a water reservoir and criticized his messy hair.
How to celebrate International Jokes Day?

Tell jokes to friends, co-workers, family members, on social media and wherever you want. Finding jokes is not a problem, there are lots of websites with good jokes.
Enjoy the day of the jokes and remember that laughter is healthy but contagious, free but can sometimes be expensive and is also good for the diet - when you laugh for a quarter of an hour you burn 50 calories!

April Fool's - April 1st

The first day of April is the day known as "April Fool's day" and its essence is that on this day it is permissible to lie and fool people, because this is the day of pranks and falsehood. We all know that if we hear news and stories on this day, we should take them for a limited evening because there is a great chance that someone who tells us them laughs behind us. So if a friend tells you he is moving or getting married, or his grandmother bequeathed him a yacht and he wants to take you around the world, or he won the lottery first prize or you have something green between your teeth or your zipper is open - believe it nothing! If your boss tells you you're fired or your girlfriend tells you she's leaving you or she's pregnant - you can relax, that's probably not true, on this day, chances are you're just been pranked. On the other hand, you know, maybe that's true.

In many countries, April 1 is known as "International Fools' Day" or "Fools' Day", in which people tell lies to try to seduce others. A victim of an April Fool's prank is called "April Fool" in English, "Pesce d'aprile" in Italian and "Poisson d'avril" in French.
The origin of the customs of April 1 is not certain, but there are some speculations about it:
One hypothesis is that the French are responsible for the custom. In 1564, during the reign of Charles IX, the French king decided that the beginning of the civil year would move to the first of January, instead of what was customary until then according to the Julian calendar, to mark the beginning of the civil year on 1 April. This was the beginning of the reform to the transition to the Gregorian calendar system accepted today.

Charles issued a royal decree called "The Addiction of Rosillon" in which he announced the aforementioned change at the times of the year. The move created much confusion among the French. Invitations to Rosh Hashanah parties and gifts in honor of the New Year even though the holiday is not already celebrated on this date.Because of the confusion the custom of "tensions" began on this day each year.
The first mention of April 1 in the United Kingdom appears in John Aubrey's notes from 1686, according to which the custom came to the United Kingdom from Germany in the mid-17th century.

April 1 is also Atheists' Day

Accessories for April 1st:

Stretching a snake jumps out of a box of potato snacks (Link)

Shocking pen

A formidable spider 

 Fake poop  

Fake parking report

OMG snake in the garden 

International Fun At Work Day- The Last Friday in January

The last Friday of January celebrates the fun day at work. It's a day to fool around, have fun, laugh, sing, dance, dress funny and whatever comes to mind at work.

"Work" and "fun" are two words we usually do not expect to find together in every situation, but it does not have to be that way. People with a positive spirit and a commitment to keeping their lives happy and full of light can find ways to have fun in everything.
Many people spend a significant portion of their lives at work, so why not try to enjoy it?

Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes, authors of "301 Ways to Have Fun at Work" say "organizations that incorporate fun at work have lower levels of absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, increased productivity and less downtime."
Book: 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work (link
Today is the time to do a chairs race, throw papers at each other, put on music, dance and sing in the office, put on gel nail polish, have a picnic and more (all within the bounds of good taste and with the approval of the management of course).
Tag this day on social media in the hashtag #FunAtWorkDay

Photo from the series: The Office, Source

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