National Second-hand Wardrobe Day- August 25

When we talk about environmental protection, we mean that we should all reduce the use of electricity, fuel and water, consume less and recycle everything possible.
One way to reduce resource use and save money is to wear second hand clothes and not buy new clothes.

Did you know that since year 2000, world clothing production has doubled? We buy a lot of clothes that we do not need, wear them on average no more than 6 times and then throw them in the recycle bin or trash to make room in the closet for other clothes.
Second-hand clothing day is a day that aims to increase awareness of the importance of clothing recycling. This day can be celebrated in several ways: you can donate old clothes to charities that take care of the needy, hold a clothes change fair at home where people bring their clothes and can swap with others' clothes, buy clothes at thrift stores or sell your old clothes and make some money and more.

Where can we buy and sell second-hand clothes?
Almost in every state there are second hand stores and flea markets. On Facebook you can find places where fairs of second-hand clothes are held.

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