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Singles' Day- November 11

November 11 is Singles' Day- the Chinese bachelor day. The reason for choosing this date is that on this day the digit "1", which is of course the single digit, appears four times.

This day is dedicated to all bachelors and bachelorettes in China, and is celebrated mainly in shopping with huge discounts, in fact it is the biggest shopping day on the Internet.

We can enjoy Chinese singles day from shopping at the major websites that do special offers.

The Aliexpress website concluded the Chinese Singles Day, November 11, 2016, in some interesting and fun anecdotes:

On 11/11/16, buyers from 207 different countries bought in the site. The most northerly country bought was Greenland, and the southernmost one was Chile.

During the day, 6,800,000 parcels were bought. If we put all the packages on each other, we will reach a height of 136 times Mount Everest, or 1,449 times Burj Khalifa Building, 3,692 times the Eiffel Tower or 26,087 times the Statue of Liberty.

The countries that spent the most money - first place Russia, second place the US and third place Brazil. 

The countries that bought products from the most categories - in first place Israel, second place Russia and third place Belarus.

The most sexy country, the one that bought the most lingerie and swimwear bikini - Russia.

The most musical country, the one that bought the most musical instruments is Brazil.

The beauty queen, the country where they bought the most beauty and care products is the United States.

Lovers of cell phones, those who bought the most products related to mobile phones - Russia.

The sportiest country, the one that bought the most sports accessories - Spain.

The land of water, the country where they bought the most water sports and diving suits - Australia.

Country of chefs, the country where they bought the most kitchen and cooking accessories - Russia.

And last but not least, the country that likes to celebrate, the one that bought the most costumes ... Israel.

November 11 is also Origami Day and Veterans Day

World Consumer Rights Day- March 15

Trade has existed since the dawn of human history. Already in the earliest times there was barter between people. For the fruits and vegetables you would grow in your land, you could buy wheat or skins for clothes. The problem was the difficulty in determining the value of the goods, the difficulty in finding buyers and sellers with suitable goods and the quarrels that would appear if goods were not good. Think you would have to go with Capricorn on your hands and walk around with him all day in the market until you would find him a buyer, who holds the goods you need. And what would happen if you found out at home that the tomatoes, for example, that you received were rotten?

The ancient consumer world was a very frustrating world and you needed a lot of luck in it.
Since then trade has evolved and today it is based on innovative technologies. Most of the purchases we make are documented on a computer and it is almost always possible to locate the seller from whom you bought if there is a problem.
Even trade in the modern period was not always simple and many disagreements arose between sellers and buyers, which often ended in front of a judge or by violence.

On March 15, 1962, US President John F. Kennedy delivered a speech on consumer rights that led to the creation of the Consumer Rights Act. Later, consumer rights activist Anwar Pazal, proposed holding the "World Consumer Rights Day" scheduled for March 15. It started in 1983 and since then every year consumer organizations mark this day as the promotion of the basic rights of consumers.
Consumer Rights Day is an annual event of celebration and solidarity within the international consumer movement. We are all familiar with the problems consumers face. To whom did it not happen that he received defective goods, that the sellers made price mistakes, that merchants made promises about products that were not fulfilled? This day concerns each and every one of us who wants to buy safely and get fair value for money.

 March 15 is also Brutus Day  and True Confessions Day

Black Friday 2021

Thanksgiving is celebrated in North America the fourth Thursday of November. The next day, Friday, is called "Black Friday" and it opens the season for Christmas sales. 

The name "Black Friday" comes off the mark was customary in the books of accounts, including the red mark and expenses Losses and Gains black mark. On Friday, many retailers it would "go dark side", ie record profits. This is the peak day of consumerism in the United States. 

In contrast, many economists consider this day a great success of the inspection through the retail market in the United States. In the past this day was the busiest shopping day of the year, but on Saturday before Christmas, took his place. 

Accessories supplied by before Christmas are decorations for Christmas trees, greeting cards, Santa Claus dolls and more. In addition, there is a massive purchase of gifts for the holiday. 

Black Friday was indeed a black day for some people: In 2008 Black Friday, which falls on November 28, killed one employee of Wal-Mart in New York and another four were injured after trampled by the masses of customers stormed the store is opened. And the Toys r' Us store in California, killing two people in a shooting after what appeared to be discussion between the two groups of consumers. 

The term "Black Friday" was invented in the 19th century after the economic crisis of 1869, when traders were profits after major losses accumulated. 
If you're buying online, here are some recommended and safe websites: Aliexpress, IHerb, Amazonebay

Some consumer groups and environmentalists are boycotting this particular day and call it "Buy Nothing Day". They advocate that it causes people to buy unnecessary things and increased consumption is destroying the planet. Which side are you? The buyer or the boycot?

When is Black Friday next few years? 

November 26 Black Friday 2021

November 25 Black Friday 2022

Black Friday November 24, 2023
Black Friday November 29, 2024
Black Friday November 28, 2025
Black Friday November 27, 2026
Black Friday November 26, 2027
Black Friday November 24, 2028
Black Friday November 23, 2029
Black Friday November 29, 2030

Missed Black Friday? don't worry, after the Black Friday comes the Cyber Monday :)

National Second-hand Wardrobe Day- August 25

When we talk about environmental protection, we mean that we should all reduce the use of electricity, fuel and water, consume less and recycle everything possible.
One way to reduce resource use and save money is to wear second hand clothes and not buy new clothes.

Did you know that since year 2000, world clothing production has doubled? We buy a lot of clothes that we do not need, wear them on average no more than 6 times and then throw them in the recycle bin or trash to make room in the closet for other clothes.
Second-hand clothing day is a day that aims to increase awareness of the importance of clothing recycling. This day can be celebrated in several ways: you can donate old clothes to charities that take care of the needy, hold a clothes change fair at home where people bring their clothes and can swap with others' clothes, buy clothes at thrift stores or sell your old clothes and make some money and more.

Where can we buy and sell second-hand clothes?
Almost in every state there are second hand stores and flea markets. On Facebook you can find places where fairs of second-hand clothes are held.

A day without plastic bags- 3 July

Most of us use them every day, in plastic bags, without thinking about it. We take one or more almost every store we buy. Whether we buy groceries or new shoes, we do not leave the shop without taking a plastic bag full of the good new things we bought. Then, when we get home, we take what we bought from the bag, throw it away and forget it.

Stop! Have you ever thought about what happens to these bags after we finish using them?

The international day without plastic bags is dedicated to increasing awareness of the damage that plastic bags cause to the environment. We do get rid of them after half an hour and they disappear from our thought, but they do not disappear from the world. The plastic bags will remain in the world for another 100-500 years until they finally disintegrate completely and have a profound impact on our environment as a result.

The bags reach the garbage and fly from there to wherever possible. They reach the ground and injure animals that choke on them. They reach the sea and the ocean and kill the fish. They accumulate into large piles and create rubbish, they fill streams and water sources.

On a day without plastic bags, give up plastic bags for at least one day. Use multi-cloth baskets in a large bag or in carts. When you go shopping in the mall, come with a big bag and put things you buy there. It is also much more convenient than carrying bags! Use biodegradable bags and if you own a store, offer your customers recycled paper bags.

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