Checklist Day- October 30th

If you live in the modern world, you probably know the checklist, the list of tasks that needs to be done. Next to each chore There is an empty square where you mark ✔ after the task is done.

On 30 October they mark the day of CheckList, a day to remind everyone of the existence of this useful list and encourage them to use it.

The reason for choosing this day is tragic. On this date in 1935, the Boeing 299 (early version of B-17) American military crashed at takeoff due to a control system malfunction that could have been detected earlier if only had been checked.

Since then pilots have tried to find out how to prevent such accidents in the future and decided to use the list of tasks that must be performed before the takeoff. This list was called Check List, and has since been used by many people, not just pilots.  

How do you celebrate Check List? As you can guess, you have to make a list of things you need to do to celebrate this day, and make a ✔ on everything.

Happy check day!

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