Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day- October 15th

The memorial day for the loss of pregnancies and babies who died is originally a memorial day for discontinued pregnancies and crib death, but it is not limited to these cases. It includes any case of miscarriage, the birth of a dead child, crib death, or the death of a newborn. This day is celebrated in the United States and Canada, and in recent years, in Britain, Western Australia, New South Wales and Italy. 

This day is marked by memorial ceremonies, processions and rallies and candle lighting, and ends with an international wave of light, with the lighting of the universal candles at 19:00, in which the memory of the prematurely dead babies is respected, in the womb or after birth.

History of this day: In October 1988, the US president announced that this month would be dedicated to raising awareness of pregnancy loss and infants, and in 2002 they began commemorating the loss of pregnancies and babies on October 15 by the American Movement for Pregnancy and Infants Loss, led by Robin Barr, Lisa Brown and Tammy Novak. Petitioned the federal government and the governors of each of the 50 states and signed a declaration that they recognize this date. 

On September 28, 2006, following the declarations of recognition and as a result of an American campaign on the issue, the House of Representatives decided to set the anniversary of the loss of pregnancy and babies day as an official.

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