United Nations Day- October 24th

The United Nations was officially established on October 24, 1945, with the aim of replacing the League of Nations, ending wars between states and providing a basis for dialogue between states.
United Nations Day is marked every year on October 24 to bring to the attention of the peoples of the world the goals and achievements of the United Nations and for their support of the work of the United Nations (from Wikipedia). The UN General Assembly decided on the existence of UN Day in 1947. 

In 1971, the United Nations decided that this day would be an International Day of Celebration and it was recommended to all UN member states to mark it as a public holiday in their countries.
 Throughout the world, United Nations Day has traditionally been marked by conferences, discussions and exhibitions about the goals and achievements of the United Nations.
  Some of the world's international schools celebrate the United Nations Day with the national diversity of their students and, in this context, hold events with multicultural content.

In the picture: The UN flag, a flag of the United Nations with the emblem of the UN in white: the countries of the world are surrounded by olive branches. The flag was adopted on October 20, 1947.

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