Baklava Day - November 17

Every year on November 17, we celebrate the day of the baklava, the sweet, sticky and liquid pastry, made from layers of filo leaves suitable for texture and flavor filled with chopped nuts dipped in syrup or honey.
The baklava, which originates from the Turkish people, is a dessert in many countries and can be prepared in several ways. With honey or sugar water, with walnuts, pecans, pistachios or almonds. Filled with raisins, dates, prunes or figs. The spices most often used are cinnamon, cardamom or cloves.
Although the history of the baklava is not well documented, its current form has probably evolved in the imperial kitchens of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Topkapi Palace is the official residence of the Ottoman sultans and the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the 19th century. The Sultan would honor the geniuses (Turkish soldiers) in the baklava trays every 15th of Ramadan in a ceremonial procession called the baklava to me.
Baklava is also a popular pastry in Greek, Balkan, Romanian, Arab and Armenian cuisines.
The Greeks discovered baklava on their travels to the east and contributed to the recipe the invention of the filo dough technique, a dough that can be rolled to the thickness of a leaf ("filo" in Greek is a leaf).

How to celebrate Baklava Day?
You can make baklava yourself, filo dough, nuts and sugar or honey water. Preparing this dessert may take some time. However, it is a treat worth the work and the wait. And you can also go shopping in bakeries, markets or candy stores.

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