Look for Circles Day- November 2

Life is full of circles. Circles that can be seen, and conceptual circles that can be imagined. Look for Circles Day is a holiday designed for young children who are learning to recognize shapes, but not just for them. On the day of searching the circles look up, down and everything around you and point to objects in the shape of circles. Anyone can search and point out circles. Circles can be found inside homes, workplaces, on the street, in nature and elsewhere.

How to mark Look for Circles Day?

Because this day is mostly geared toward young children learning about shapes, one way to celebrate is to encourage them to point out all the circles they see and give them recognizable prizes. If they are limited in their circle search options, you can give them a worksheet to practice on. As adults, you can look for circles and make a list of all those you will find, or photograph them. Look at your home, look at nature, look while walking down the street, and look where you are going. You can look for circles in mathematics: learn basic facts in a circle, or delve deeper and study geometry or trigonometry at a higher level and find circles there.

You can learn about crop circles. Crop circles are areas within grain fields where the stems have been flattened and destroyed. They first appeared in the 1970s. Later they became more sophisticated and became works of art or works with a message. There are those who claim that these are aliens who do them.

You can know the age of the tree by the rings within its trunk.

This day is also a spiritual day: it is the day to look for the circles in your life that you want to close and maybe do it at last.

Another challenging task: look for songs and stories whose theme is a circle. The circle can also be an abstract idea, as time is like a Ferris wheel. Compose a story whose theme is a circle. Are you familiar with the Rounding up project where you donate on credit the pennies that round the amount you paid to the organization you support? Today is the day to join a project like this. , You can also paint or draw round mandalas. There are lots of ways to mark Circles Search Day. Our lives are full of circles. Not only as physical forms but also as abstract ideas.

November 2 is also Cookie Monster Day and All Souls' Day

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