National Horse Day in US - 13 December

National Horse Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States each year, on December 13, aims to raise awareness of the importance of horses and their enormous contribution to our lives over the centuries in different areas and that we should take care of them and treat them well.

In honor of National horse, here some interesting facts about horses:

Horses can sleep standing up.

The world's smallest horse born at a height of 35 inches and a weight of 2.7 pounds. He was born on a farm in New Hampshire on April 22, 2010 and was called Einstein. 
Watch the video of Einstein world's smallest horse walking around inside the house
The Roman emperor Gaius Caligula appointed his horse a senator.

In Britain, all horses, ponies, zebras and donkeys must have a passport.

Horses have eight blood types, while dogs have 13, cows have 9 and humans have only four.

Horsehead appeared in the film "The Godfather" from 1972 was real.

The practice of eating horse meat is called Hypophagia.

Horses can not vomit.

In many parts of Europe, for centuries, animals, including pigs, horses and even insects, could be judged and convicted of committing acts of crime.

British Army has more horses than tanks.

The staff of McDrive in McDonald's restaurants don't serve people if they come riding on horses.

In 1923, riding a horse race suffered a fatal heart attack while riding, but his horse finished and won the race, making him the first rider who won the race after.

In the early years of the 20th century, horses caused so much pollution with their poop cars were seen as an alternative "green".

Horses are one of the most popular animals among kids. Here are some horses coloring pages.

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